Lone soldier from Britain fends off attempted attacker in West Bank

Commanders and eyewitnesses commend Corporal Lian Harush who managed to duck her assailant's blade and fend him off, hitting him with her weapon, as soldiers stationed nearby sought safe angle to neutralize him
Elior Levy, Yoav Zitun|
Twenty-two-year-old Corporal Lian Harush, who came to Israel alone from Britain to enlist in the IDF, was the soldier who fended off a terrorist that attempted to carry out a stabbing attack at a West Bank junction on Tuesday.
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  • Harush was assaulted by a Palestinian attacker, identified as 17-year-old Atallah Ryan from the West Bank village of Qarawat Bani Hassan - who attempted to carry out an attack against the soldiers stationed at a junction near the West Bank city of Ariel.
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    ליאן הרוש ניסיון פיגוע כביש 5 אריאל
    ליאן הרוש ניסיון פיגוע כביש 5 אריאל
    Corporal Lian Harush
    According to eyewitness accounts, Ryan focused his attack on Harush, who managed to duck his blade before hitting him with the butt of her weapon as a force commander stationed nearby adjusted a safe shooting angle from which he neutralized the threat.
    Both Harush and her commander were unharmed in the attack.
    Following the attempted attack, IDF forces set up checkpoints near the West Bank town of Salfit - located near the attacker’s home village - in an attempt to capture any accomplices who may have aided him.
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    מחסומים מחסום פיגוע קראוות בני חסן קרוואת סלפית
    מחסומים מחסום פיגוע קראוות בני חסן קרוואת סלפית
    An IDF checkpoint set up near the West Bank town of Salfit following an attack on soldiers by Palestinian terrorist Atallah Ryan
    Ephraim Brigade Commander Col. Yiftach Norkin arrived at the scene shortly after the incident in order to interrogate the forces stationed at the junction.
    Both Corporal Harush and her platoon commander were praised for their performance and resourcefulness during the attempted attack.
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    זירת ניסיון הפיגוע באזור אריאל
    זירת ניסיון הפיגוע באזור אריאל
    The scene of the attack
    (Photo: United Hatzalah Emergency Services)
    Ariel Mayor Eliyahu Shaviro also lauded the soldiers for their "resourcefulness and quick response."
    Eyewitness Yinon Giat, who was standing at a nearby traffic light when the attack occurred, said he saw the troops confronting the attacker and heard the gunfire.
    The attacker "went down after several steps," he said.
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