Ultra-Orthodox rioters wreck bus in Jerusalem in protest of virus measures

Documentation obtained by Ynet shows bus in ruins after ultra-Orthodox extremists rioted in the capital and vandalized it; 'The drivers are scared,' says one Egged driver

Assaf Zagrizak, Gilad Cohen|
New documentation of Ultra-Orthodox extremists attacking and vandalizing an Egged bus near the Mea Shearim neighborhood in Jerusalem in protest of coronavirus restrictions and crackdowns on unauthorized gatherings at synagogues and Haredi educational institutions surfaced online on Tuesday.
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  • The incident joins many others in recent weeks, all perpetrated by groups of ultra-Orthodox extremists rioting all around the country, including in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak and Beit Shemesh.
    “We will not agree nor come to terms with this delusional and insane reality, in which a handful of thugs brutally wreck buses that serve the public in Jerusalem," said Egged spokesman Ron Ratner.
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    יידוי אבנים וחפצים לעבר כוחות המשטרה ברחוב יחזקאל בירושלים
    יידוי אבנים וחפצים לעבר כוחות המשטרה ברחוב יחזקאל בירושלים
    Police clashes with Haredi rioters in Jerusalem
    (Photo: Courtesy)
    "Aside from the danger posed to the passengers and the drivers, dozens of Egged buses were heavily damaged… We call on police and the Transportation Ministry to assist public transport drivers and passengers and provide us with tools in the uncompromising fight against the terrorism running amok in the public space.”
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    תיעוד של אוטובוס אגד מירושלים לאחר שבמסגרת הפגנות החרדים בירושלים נופצו כל שמשותיו
    תיעוד של אוטובוס אגד מירושלים לאחר שבמסגרת הפגנות החרדים בירושלים נופצו כל שמשותיו
    A bus vandalized by ultra-Orthodox extremists
    According to the Egged driver who arrived to tow the vandalized bus, the damage the vehicle incurred was extensive.
    “Lately, almost every morning, we get five or six buses whose windows have been smashed. Two weeks ago, we worked all night on a bus whose wheels have been punctured during a demonstration,” said the driver.
    “The drivers are scared to enter [cities] when demonstrations are taking place since they can escalate at a second's notice. A handful of rioters are preventing us from providing vital service to adults, young children and mothers. Everyone needs Egged's service.”
    Riots broke out in several ultra-Orthodox areas on Tuesday, including in the Mea Shearim neighborhood, where dozens of Haredi rioters hurled stones and objects at passing vehicles, including a bus.
    Also in Jerusalem, firefighters were attacked with stones by Haredi rioters while trying to put out a fire started by several extremists.
    In Beit Shemesh, hundreds of rioters threw stones and eggs at police forces enforcing coronavirus restrictions in the city.
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