Government approves penalties for violating coronavirus quarantine

Incarceration facilities to be reassigned as quarantine compounds for prisoners; police arrests man in Tel Aviv after violating quarantine, attacking security guards
The government approved on Sunday a series of emergency regulations to deal with the outbreak of the coronavirus, among them a NIS 5000 (roughly $1,360) fine for individuals who are found violating quarantine.
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  • According to the regulations, police and local authorities can impose administrative fines on individuals who violate quarantine or the Health Ministry's guideline that forbid mass gatherings.
    Man arrested for violating quarantine
    (Video: Yaron Avisar)

    A NIS 5,000 fine will be imposed for violating isolation obligation and leaving quarantine prematurely.
    A NIS 3,000 fine will be imposed for failing to report to the Health Ministry about entering quarantine or failing to report arrival from abroad.
    A NIS 5,000 fine will be imposed for violating a police officer's order to disperse a mass gathering.
    Additional steps were approved to prevent the spread of the pathogen in prisons. Among them, the reassignment of incarceration facilities as quarantine compounds for prisoners.
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    חיטוי וניקויון בתחנות ורכבות ישראל למניעת התפשטות נגיף הקורונה
    חיטוי וניקויון בתחנות ורכבות ישראל למניעת התפשטות נגיף הקורונה
    Disinfection efforts at a train station
    (Photo: Israel Railways)
    Remand extension hearings will no longer take place with the detainee physically present but will be conducted via video call.
    Visits to prisoners and detainees were limited, including limiting attorneys' entry into the prison facilities. During the emergency period, consultations with an attorney will only be conducted by the phone.
    Saturday evening Tel Aviv District Police received a report of a 47-year-old man from Tel Aviv suspected of violating quarantine.
    Police officers were able to track the man down on Bograshov St. and arrested him after he refused to go return to quarantine.
    The initial investigation revealed that the man also attacked security guards at Tel Aviv HaHagana train station upon discovering he violated quarantine.
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