Israeli military confirms 2 rockets fired from Gaza

The projectiles set off rocket alert sirens in the community of Kissufim; earlier, tourists found bomb attached to balloons near Gaza border
Associated Press, Ynet|
The Israeli military said two rockets were fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip on Saturday.
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  • The rockets set off warning sirens in the community of Kissufim, which borders the Hamas-controlled enclave, but there were no reports of casualties or damage.
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    שיגור רקטות
    שיגור רקטות
    Rocket being launched from Gaza into Israel
    (Photo: AFP)
    Earlier in the day, a suspected explosive device attached to a cluster of balloons was discovered by tourists at Kissufim Forest, also near the Israeli border with Gaza.
    Police sappers were called to the scene.
    Israeli tourists have flocked the area in recent days for the Darom Adom Festival, the Anemone flower's blossoming season.
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    פריחת הכלניות ביער קודה
    פריחת הכלניות ביער קודה
    Shokeda Forest in the Gaza border region
    (Photo: Noa Rimon)
    Palestinian militants in Gaza have fired a number of rockets and explosive balloons into Israel in recent weeks as tensions have risen following the Jan. 28 release of the Trump administration’s Mideast initiative, which the Palestininas believe strongly favors Israel.
    The Islamic militant group Hamas, which seized power in Gaza from rival Palestinian forces in 2007, has largely observed an informal cease-fire with Israel as Egyptian and U.N. mediators have tried to bring about a more lasting truce.
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    אותר בנתיבות צרור בלונים אליהם מחובר פריט מעורר חשד
    אותר בנתיבות צרור בלונים אליהם מחובר פריט מעורר חשד
    A suspicious object attached to balloons in Gaza border region
    Hamas has curbed rocket fire in exchange for the easing of a blockade imposed on Gaza by Israel and Egypt after the militants seized power.
    Israel holds Hamas responsible for all rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, even attacks claimed by other factions. It often responds by striking militant infrastructure.
    There have been several such exchanges in recent weeks, with no casualties on either side.
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