IDF closes roads, agricultural areas near Gaza Strip

IDF says measures are part of 'engineering operation' in coastal enclave's vicinity, claiming 'there is no threat to nearby communities'; Israeli media reports move linked with concerns over possible Hamas sniper fire

The IDF has sealed off roads and agricultural areas leading to and around the Gaza Strip on Monday, setting up roadblocks and checkpoints to block all outgoing and ingoing traffic in the area.
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  • While the IDF stated it was conducting an "engineering operation" in the vicinity of the security barrier with Gaza, It did not specify the exact nature of the operation, adding additional details will be revealed shortly.
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    ‏צה"ל פורס מחסומים בכבישים בעוטף עזה בעקבות התראה
    ‏צה"ל פורס מחסומים בכבישים בעוטף עזה בעקבות התראה
    An IDF, police roadblock near the Gaza Strip
    (Photo: Barel Efraim)
    "There are no special instructions for the civilian Homefront and there is no threat to nearby communities," the IDF said.
    "Agricultural roads near the fence have been temporarily restricted," it added, with Israeli media reporting the move was linked with concerns over possible Hamas sniper fire originating from the Palestinian enclave.
    The operation comes at a time of increased friction between the Palestinian factions and Israel.
    On Friday, a rocket was fired into Israel's south from the coastal enclave, landing in an open area. Additionally, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, along with other factions in Gaza, vowed to retaliate should Maher al-Akhras, a Palestinian prisoner who recently began a hunger strike, die while in Israeli custody.
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     הרקטה שנורתה לנתיב העשרה נפלה בשטח פתוח
     הרקטה שנורתה לנתיב העשרה נפלה בשטח פתוח
    Rocket fired from Gaza into Israeli territory on Friday
    Al-Akhras, a suspected Palestinian Islamic Jihad member - a charge that he denies - was brought in for administrative detention in late July. He has been on a hunger strike since the start of his detention, eating no food for some 85 days.
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