School bans girls for wearing shorts despite extreme heat

Ra'anana middle school bars group of female students from entering the grounds for 'violating' dress code; move sparks uproar from parents who accuse educators of religious coercion and unequal treatment, as boys were allowed to wear the item of clothing

Raanan Ben Tzur|
As coronavirus restrictions on schools were lifted and kids returned to class, some girls at the Alon Middle School in Ra'anana in central Israel were barred from entering school grounds because they were wearing shorts, despite the fierce heatwave hitting the country.
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  • "Some girls came in non-promiscuous shorts, no different to those boys walk around with," said Eran Auerbach, a father of a female student at the school.
    "They let the boys into the classrooms and not the girls. They told them all to wait at the principle's office and were not allowed to go into class."
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    תלמידות בחטיבת הביניים אלון ברעננה לא הורשו להיכנס לכיתות בטענה כי המכנסים איתם הגיעו קצרים מדיי
    תלמידות בחטיבת הביניים אלון ברעננה לא הורשו להיכנס לכיתות בטענה כי המכנסים איתם הגיעו קצרים מדיי
    The girls who were kept out of class for violating school dress code
    According to Auerbach, the school's decision not to allow the girls into class caused an uproar on the school's WhatsApp group.
    "We will not stand for this religious coercion and inequality," said Auerbach.
    "Why were boys in shorts allowed into the schools and not girls? After almost two months at home, now that they could finally go back, they [the school] make their lives so difficult? These days are so unusually hot, so why make the girls wear long pants?
    "Other parents and I do not permit our girls to dress in extremely short and exposing pants, but according to the pictures that were posted, they were completely fine."
    Some parents said that the schools barred more girls from joining their friends in class and some had left in protest.
    Many parents alleged that the school is prejudiced against the girls and accused the educators of religious coercion.
    Ra'anana Municipality said in a statement that, "the school has specific dress codes, which both students and faculty are well familiar with and are required to follow."
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