Syria: Air defenses down missiles from Israeli warplanes

State TV says IAF jets opened fire on Homs region while flying in Lebanese airspace, targeted unspecified army position; Beirut residents say they heard sound of warplanes in air shortly before airstrikes were reported

Daniel Salami, Liad Osmo, Associated Press|
Syria's state-run SANA media outlet said that the country's air defenses opened fire Tuesday night on missiles launched from Israeli warplanes on the central province of Homs, shooting down some of them, state media said.
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  • State TV said the warplanes fired the missiles while flying in Lebanese airspace.
    Syrian media reports IAF strike in Homs area

    The outlet said the warplanes targeted a Syrian army position without saying where exactly.
    It added that some of the missiles were shot down.
    The Lebanese pro-Hezbollah Al Mayadeen channel reported that the attack was aimed at "military sites east of Homs." No injuries have so far been reported.
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    סוריה מאשימה: מטוסי קרב ישראליים שיגרו טילים מלבנון אל אזור חומס
    סוריה מאשימה: מטוסי קרב ישראליים שיגרו טילים מלבנון אל אזור חומס
    A screen grab from footage of an alleged IAF strike in Syria
    The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that, "the Israeli Air Force has launched an attack on Shayrat airfield with more than eight missiles."
    SANA quoted a Syrian military official as saying: "Around 20:25, the Israeli Air Force launched several missiles at eastern Homs from Lebanon's airspace. Our air defense systems soon responded to the hostile missiles and intercepted a number of them. Now we are inspecting the results of this aggression."
    Residents of the Lebanese capital Beirut heard the sound of warplanes in the air shortly before the airstrikes were reported.
    There was no immediate comment from Israel.
    In recent years, Israel has repeatedly carried out airstrikes in Syria against targets belonging to Iran and its regional proxies.
    One airstrike in February killed two members of the Palestinian terror group Islamic Jihad, which is backed by Iran.
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