Israel battles extreme heat as Jerusalem sees hottest day on record

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i24NEWS, Ynet|Updated:
Israel’s extreme heatwave was expected to intensify Friday, after hitting record temperatures in multiple locations across the country on Thursday.
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  • In Jerusalem, temperatures reached 42°C on Thursday afternoon, local media reported. It was the hottest the capital has been since records began in June 1942.
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    חום כבד בירושלים
    חום כבד בירושלים
    Jerusalem swelters in the extreme summer heat
    (Photo: Eliahu Ayalon )
    Temperatures around the country were equally extreme, with heats of 43°C registered in Be'er Sheba, 47°C in Eilat, 38°C in Safed and 34°C in Haifa and Tel Aviv.
    The temperatures are slated to ease a little on Saturday, but the heatwave will continue with temperatures higher on average for the season.
    A more significant cooling of temperatures was not expected before Tuesday.
    Ahead of the extreme weather over the weekend, Magen David Adom, Israel's emergency services, instructed the public in a statement to be vigilant of cases of dehydration and heat stroke.
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    חוף הצוק תל אביב
    חוף הצוק תל אביב
    Israelis seeking refuge from the summer heart on Tel Aviv beach
    (Photo: Amit Huber)
    The rescue service urged the older members of the population and those suffering from underlying health conditions to remain indoors in air-conditioned spaces as much as possible.
    In total, MDA treated during the week around 700 individuals who suffered from heat strokes.
    First published: 13:59, 09.04.20
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