Israel posts 4,557 fresh virus cases, 33 new deaths

Health Ministry says the tally of serious patients under the age of 49 has increased, rising to 174; over 118,000 Israelis have been vaccinated on Sunday; ministers to reconvene to mull reopening schools
Yaron Druckman|
Israel on Monday posted 4,557 fresh COVID-19 cases diagnosed a day earlier and 33 new coronavirus-related deaths.
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  • The Health Ministry said that on Sunday they conducted over 52 coronavirus tests, putting the contagion rate at 8.8%.
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    מחלקת קורונה בבית חולים בצפת
    מחלקת קורונה בבית חולים בצפת
    A coronavirus ward at Ziv Medical Center in Safed
    (Photo: AFP)
    At least 1,102 patients are in serious condition, of whom 300 are ventilated. The official death toll now stands at 5,121. Since the start of February, 260 Israelis have succumbed to the virus.
    Meanwhile, the number of hospitalized patients aged 49 and under continues to increase, and now stands at 174, or 16.9% of all hospitalizations. According to hospital data, 98 serious patients are in their 40s, 54 are in their 30s, 17 are in their 20s and five people are aged 10-19, including two women who are connected to ventilators.
    In addition, 53,345 Israelis have received their first vaccine dose on Sunday, with 65,260 receiving their second. Overall, 22.59% of the population has received their first dose, and 15.18% their second.
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    מתחם חיסוני הקורונה של כללית
    מתחם חיסוני הקורונה של כללית
    A man getting inoculated at a Clalit HMO clinic in Ramat Gan
    (Photo: Clalit HMO)
    The number of vaccinated among under 50s has also increased, with 31.5% of people aged 20-29 receiving their first dose, 39.8% of those aged 30-39 and 58.3% of people aged 40-49.
    More than 85% of Israelis aged 70-79 have received their second dose.
    While Israel has moved to ease some of the restrictions imposed to curb the spread of the disease, the government failed to come to a consensus on how to proceed with the reopening of the education system.
    On Monday, the cabinet is set to reconvene again to try and make a decision on the matter.
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