Tel Aviv mayor to launch Knesset bid with new party

Huldai promises to present 'clear alternative' to 'hundreds of thousands of Israelis who feel they have no home in current political set up'; joining center-left union could gain him 7 seats, poll says

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai will announce on Tuesday his entry into national politics and the formation of a new party ahead of Israel's upcoming elections for parliament, Hebrew media outlets reported on Monday.
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  • “Hundreds of thousands of Israelis feel they have no home in the current political set up,” Huldai said in a statement as cited by outlet N12.
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    רון חולדאי
    רון חולדאי
    Ron Huldai
    (Photo: Gabriel Baharlia)
    “We will lift their chins and bring back their hope. After a number of key figures in the Israeli public decided to join [my way], it is high time to present a clear alternative,” the statement concluded.
    In a poll published Sunday on broadcaster Channel 12, Huldai, together with lawmaker Ofer Shelah [formerly of Yesh Atid] and the Labor party, would gain seven parliament seats if elections were held today.
    After Israel’s unity government collapsed last week, the Jewish state will head into its fourth election in less than two years, scheduled to take place on March 23.
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    תמונה של עפר שלח
    תמונה של עפר שלח
    Ofer Shelah
    (Photo: Omer Messinger)
    In August, Tel Aviv’s mayor of the past 22 years has expressed his intent to run for parliament.
    “What is happening today in the country horrifies me, I cannot stand aside [without doing anything],” Huldai stressed.

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