Virus cabinet to convene Sunday to vote on closure of all trade

The meeting was scheduled after National Security Council said Israel will soon reach the average of 2,500 daily COVID cases, which the government set as a threshold for shuttering trade and education system in red and orange municipalities

Itamar Eichner |
The coronavirus cabinet will convene on Sunday to vote on the tightening of health measures, including the closure of almost all trade.
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  • The government said last week if the average number of daily cases reaches 2,500 or if the coefficient of infection rises to 1.32, it will enforce the policy of "tight restraint", which includes closure of the trade sector, the education system in "red" and "orange" municipalities and reduction of public transport.
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    קניון השרון בנתניה בצל הקורונה
    קניון השרון בנתניה בצל הקורונה
    A mall in Netanya amid coronavirus
    (Photo: Yair Sagi )
    According to the National Security Council, in the next few days the country is expected to reach 2,500 new cases a day on average.
    The cabinet vote, which is scheduled to begin at 9am and last until 2pm, will take place instead of the weekly government meeting that was cancelled due to a political deadlock over state budget.
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    רופאים מתאמנים על החייאה של בובה בית חולים רמב"ם חיפה קורונה
    רופאים מתאמנים על החייאה של בובה בית חולים רמב"ם חיפה קורונה
    Coronavirus ward at Haifa's Rambam Hospital
    (Photo: AP)
    The Health Ministry said since midnight Thursday, 950 people have tested positive for COVID-19 after more than 24 tests had been conducted, putting the contagion rate at 4%.
    The latest data also shows an alarming rise in ventilated patients that now stands at 166, an increase of 15 in just 24 hours and a spike of 83 in the past two weeks.
    The official death toll now stands at 3,040, with an average of 10 fatalities a day over the past month.
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