Turkish police uncovers international counterfeit scheme, Israeli among suspects

Turkish law enforcement describes catch as largest in country's history; Raid uncovers crates full of millions of counterfeit $100 dollar bills printed in Istanbul and destined for African nations

The police in Istanbul on Tuesday, revealed that it had exposed an international scheme to send one billion dollars in counterfeit bills to Africa. Among the suspects arrested was an Israeli national.
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זיוף כסף טורקיה
זיוף כסף טורקיה
Turkish police with crates containing counterfeit bills
The police action on Friday included a raid on a warehouse in the city where crates of counterfeit bills were found. Three Swedish nationals, a Guinean and a Turkish citizen were arrested as well as a suspect who was described as holding an Israeli and British nationality.
The crates held millions of counterfeit $100 bills printed in Istanbul and prepared to be shipped to African nations, in what was described by Turkish authorities as the largest ever catch of counterfeit bills in the country's history.
According to the Turkish police, the suspects were observed entering and leaving the warehouse at different times but had remained in the facility for long periods of time.
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זיוף כסף טורקיה
זיוף כסף טורקיה
Turkish police capture counterfeit bills destined for Africa
Forces also raided the luxurious private homes in the city's Shibli neighborhood and confiscated money and Jewels.
The Israeli consulate was reportedly unaware of the arrested Israeli because he had entered Turkey using his British passport.
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