Israeli Arab social media influencer barely escapes murder attempt

Two nephews of the woman's former husband suspected of attempting to murder her over her social media activity

Hasn Shalan|
The Haifa District Attorney's Office will file charges on Thursday against two brothers, aged 22 and 29, for attempting to murder their former relative, a 38-year-old resident of Dir al-Assad, over her activity on social media.
According to the suspicion, the two, cousins of her ex-husband, shot at her from point-blank range about a month ago. A Northern District police investigation revealed that while the woman was getting into a BMW luxury car near her former husband's house, the suspects, also residents of Dir al-Assad, arrived at the scene on motorcycles and fired several shots at her.
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עולא דבאח, הקליעים ב-BMW
עולא דבאח, הקליעים ב-BMW
Bullet holes in the vehicle
The woman, brought by Magen David Adom to Kishur Junction, was hospitalized in critical condition. A day after the incident, after a police manhunt, the two young men were arrested. According to the investigation's findings, the two decided to murder her because of the woman's frequent activity on social media.
The woman, well-known on social media in the Arab community, usually resides in the Jerusalem area, and it seems the shooters knew she was in the Galilee after they recognized her vehicle.
"They almost killed her because of her online presence. The two suspects wanted to interfere in her life and not only harm her, but also murder her. Thank God she has recovered and returned to her life," said a woman familiar with the case.
Tomorrow, upon completion of the investigation phase, a request for the arrest of the two suspects until the end of proceedings against them will also be filed along with the indictment.
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