Haredi children brutally attacked in Brooklyn

A group of ultra-Orthodox children were brutally beaten by an antisemitic attacker who escaped on a bicycle, police are looking for him; In another antisemitic attack, a 14-year-old girl was brutally attacked in Canada for being Jewish

A group of ultra-Orthodox children who were playing on a sidewalk in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, were attacked by a man riding a bicycle. A video of the attack, which happened a week ago, was published over the weekend in the United States and caused great outrage. Police are investigating and as of Sunday no suspect has been arrested.
Ultra-Orthodox children were brutally kicked and punched in Williamsburg

In the security camera footage of the incident, the attacker is seen punching one child in the face, knocking him to the ground, and then throwing another child to the ground, kicking him repeatedly. The children fled the scene, and the man got on his bicycle and rode away.
According to the New York Police Department, another person not seen in the video was injured in the incident. The assailant attacked a father and his son who were also on the sidewalk in the same area. The suspect pushed the father to the ground, causing a light head injury, before fleeing.
In another antisemitic attack, a 14-year-old girl was brutally assaulted by another student for being Jewish.
The victim, a 14-year-old Israeli-Canadian from New Brunswick, Canada, told the Canadian Jewish News that she was attacked last month. The attack was recorded on video, and took place in the afternoon in a parking lot near the school grounds.
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זירת התקיפה בברוקלין
זירת התקיפה בברוקלין
The scene of the attack in Brooklyn
In a video posted on social media, a student can be seen running toward the teen, slamming her to the ground and punching her repeatedly near bystanders. An elderly man stood by a few meters from the attack and watched it take place.
The girl was severely attacked and suffered cuts, scratches and bruises.
According to the girl, the attacker has been harassing her for two months. She said that she tried to avoid a confrontation with the attacker that day, after she had been suspended for five days. When the student who attacked her returned to school, the Israeli-Canadian girl was advised to use the teachers' bathroom, stay in the school building during the day, and not leave alone.
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First published: 10:12, 05.19.24
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