Israeli jets strike terror infrastructure deep in eastern Lebanon, Hezbollah fires at Golan Heights

IDF struck Hezbollah weapons workshop in Baalbek in eastern Lebanon; Shortly afterward, group launches barrage of 50 rockets toward the Golan, mostly landing in open areas and no casualties reported
Lebanese media reported an Israeli airstrike in the eastern area of Baalbek, around 60 miles from the Israeli border. IDF later confirmed targeting a Hezbollah weapons workshop at the location.
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Shortly thereafter, a barrage of some 50 rockets were fired toward the Golan Heights as sirens sounded. Four rockets were intercepted while others fell in open areas. The Hezbollah affiliated Al-Mayadeen network, reported an Israeli attack near Damascus.
The Israeli assault on Baalbek
The Hezbollah-linked Al-Manar TV stated Israeli jets struck missile launchers near Baalbek, whose governor noted Israeli jets remaining in the area and urged caution. Later, IDF confirmed targeting a Hezbollah workshop deep inside Lebanon.
A senior Lebanese official told Reuters at least three people suffered injuries. Shortly after, sirens were heard in Galilee as residents spotted rockets intercepted over the town of Nahariya and the Golan. IDF reported around 50 rockets from Lebanon, responding by targeting identified launch sites. Al-Mayadeen claimed Hezbollah struck two IDF bases in Golan with 60 rockets.
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תיעוד לבנוני מהתקיפה בבעלבכ
תיעוד לבנוני מהתקיפה בבעלבכ
Baalbek during the strike
UK based Syrian opposition group The Observatory for Human Rights reported explosions near Damascus as air defenses were activated. Another opposition source said the Israeli attack targeted rural Damascus military sites.
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