Islamic Jihad chief says 'no holds barred', Tel Aviv will 'taste' rockets

Liad Osmo|
Islamic Jihad Secretery General Ziad al-Nakhalah warned Israel on Friday to brace for a military response, including rocket fire at Tel Aviv, after the IDF carried out an airstrike in the Gaza Strip, which has reportedly killed several high-profile Islamic Jihad commanders.
"The enemy should expect fighting. Our military wing will stand abreast of all other resistance factions in our struggle against Israeli aggression," he said.
"This campaign is no holds barred and Tel Aviv will also taste the wrath of the rockets of the resistance."
Meanwhile, Gaza ruler Hamas condemned Israel over the attack but stopped short of saying whether its men would join Islamic Jihad in a potential conflict with Israel.
"The Israeli enemy has committed a new crime, and it must pay the price and bear full responsibility for it. Israel is the one that opened this escalation," the group said.
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