Israeli forces thwart suspected car-ramming attack in West Bank

IDF says suspected assailant was shot and killed after he drove into a military checkpoint, where 2 Israeli soldiers were killed in a similar attack 3 years ago; no Israeli troops were hurt; Hamas praises attack, does not take responsibility

Yoav Zitun, Elisha Ben Kimon|
The Israeli forces on Tuesday thwarted an attack in the West Bank after a Palestinian man attempted to drive his car into a military checkpoint.
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  • The attacker shot and killed and no injuries among Israeli troops were reported.
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    רכב עולה באש בזירת הפיגוע במבוא דותן
    רכב עולה באש בזירת הפיגוע במבוא דותן
    The scene of the attempted car-ramming attack
    The suspected attack took place near Mevo Dotan, an Israeli settlement located in the northern Samarian hills.
    The initial report from the IDF said "a car-ramming attempt took place near [the settlement of] Einav, in the West Bank, the assailant was neutralized at the scene, and no IDF injuries were reported."
    The attacker, however, crashed into a parked army jeep, and the two vehicles were set on fire.
    Following the attack, Hamas's spokesman issued a statement saying: "Another resistance action in Jenin is a response to the crimes of the occupation against our people, especially against the prisoners held in Israel. These attacks will not be stopped until the end of the occupation and the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital."
    In March 2018, an attack was carried out at the same checkpoint, in which Captain Ziv Deus and Sergeant Nathaniel Kahalani were killed.
    The car-ramming follows "an uptick in terror attacks carried out by "loan wolfs" over the past few weeks, which resulted in two Israelis being killed and several others wounded.
    The latest of the attacks took place om Thursday, when a car of yeshiva students was ambushed near the illegal West Bank outpost of Homesh, killing 22-year-old Yehuda Dimantman.
    A week earlier, a 14-year-old Palestinian girl stabbed a woman in front of her children in Jerusalem as she walked them to school. Two days earlier, a 15-year-old boy carried out a car-ramming attack at the Te'enim checkpoint in the West Bank and wounded a security guard. And a month ago, Eliyahu David Kay was killed in a shooting attack in the Old City of Jerusalem, which was carried out by a Hamas operative.
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