Al Jazeera manages live interview with Jerusalem activist despite government closure

The government has halted all Al Jazeera operations within Israel and even raided their offices in Jerusalem, but the network still managed to conduct an interview with a local peace activist via Zoom; Interview does not violate rules since the person conducting the interview is not physically in Israel
A day after the government decision to shut down Al Jazeera's operations in Israel, the network continued to air live from Jerusalem. From his Jerusalem home, peace advocate Gershon Baskin of the International Communities Organization was featured on the program via Zoom.
Video of the interview
(Video: Al Jazeera)
In a discussion with Ynet, Baskin confirmed he had verified the legal aspects of his participation. "I went on the broadcast via Zoom from my home in Jerusalem," Baskin said, "but before I went on, I consulted with a lawyer to make sure it was legally possible."
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Gershon Baskin in Al Jazeera interview
Gershon Baskin in Al Jazeera interview
Gershon Baskin in Al Jazeera interview
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Communication Ministry officials clarified that the broadcast did not violate any laws because the interviewee was in Jerusalem, and not the interviewer. On Sunday, the Israeli government officially closed down the Qatari network’s broadcasts from within the country, and a raid was carried out on the premises used for their transmission.
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