‘They are shooting at people,’ Gazan says Hamas preventing evacuation to safety

IDF releases recording of call urging civilians to move southward to safety ahead of Israeli strike as part of military intelligence effort to minimize civilian casualties
The IDF on Thursday, revealed a recording of a resident of Gaza explaining how the Hamas terror group was preventing civilians from evacuating to the south of the Strip to escape Israeli attacks. The man spoke on the phone with an IDF officer who called to urge him to leave.
Hear a conversation between a resident of Gaza and an IDF officer
Dozens of similar calls were being made by the IDF to homes in Gaza, telling residents that they must leave for their own safety.
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חאן יונס מחפשים ניצולים הרס הריסות  עזה צה"ל
חאן יונס מחפשים ניצולים הרס הריסות  עזה צה"ל
Searching for survivors after an Israeli strike on Khan Yunis
(Photo: Mahmud Hams / AFP)
Palestinians claimed tens of thousands of Gaza residents were missing and that basic equipment to pull survivors of bombings, out of rubble, was missing. They said hundreds were killed in the past day and at least 10 buildings leveled in the air strikes on Gaza city.
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