'Don't cry, live,' the last request from a fallen soldier

Master Sergeant Elkana Vizel was 24 when he was killed in Gaza in a tragic explosion that took 20 others and wounded more; Ynetnews has chosen to post his last letter to his family, in full

Elkana Vizel|Updated:
If you are reading this, something must have happened. If I was taken hostage, do not free even one Palestinian terrorist in exchange for my release. Our resounding victory is paramount so just go on fighting until it is achieved.
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Perhaps I fell in battle. When a soldier is killed it is sad. But my request to you is to be happy. Don't be sad that you are bidding me farewell. Sing, plant joy in your hearts, hold each other's hands, hold on to each other and give each other strength.
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מכתבו של אלקנה ויזל
מכתבו של אלקנה ויזל
Elkana Vizel and his letter calling for live to go on and victory to be achieved
We have so much to be proud of and joyous about. We are the generation of the beginning of the redemption. We are now writing the most significant chapter in the history of our people and in that of the entire world.
So, please remain optimistic. Chose life, always. A life of love, hope, purity and optimism.
Look people in the eye and remind them, that whatever they experience in life is worth it and there is so much to live for. Live! Don't for one minute reduce the intensity of life!
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פינוי פצועים בגבול רצועת עזה
פינוי פצועים בגבול רצועת עזה
Aftermath of the explosion that killed 21 IDF soldiers in Gaza
(Photo: Amir Cohen / Reuters)
I was wounded before in the 2014 Protective Edge conflict. I had the choice to stay behind. But I do not regret returning to my role as a combat soldier, not for a minute. On the contrary, that was the best decision I've ever made.
First published: 14:49, 01.23.24
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