Terrorist infiltration to Adora: One wounded, 3 terrorists killed

Terrorists opened fire at an IDF patrol in the area, and the forces engaged in pursuit and eliminated 3 terrorists; Emergency services treated one wounded on the scene


The Home Front Command reported Friday of a shooting incident in the Adora settlement, confirming the detection of terrorist infiltration.
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After a fire exchange with security forces, three terrorists were eliminated. The IDF reported, "Following an alert about the infiltration of terrorists in the Adora settlement in the West Bank, terrorists fired towards an IDF force patrolling the area."
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תיעוד: חדירת המחבלים באדורה
תיעוד: חדירת המחבלים באדורה
The weapons that were found on the terrorists and the moments of infiltration
"IDF forces initiated a pursuit of the terrorists and conducted extensive searches in the area. During the searches, three terrorists were identified and neutralized by security forces. The forces continue to look for more suspects." On the terrorists, a M-16 rifle, grenades, Molotov cocktails, and knives were found.
According to Magen David Adom, a man in his 30s, injured by gunfire from the terrorists, is in moderate condition and fully conscious with a gunshot wound to the leg. He has been transferred to the hospital.
Under the direction of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mossad chief David Barnea led an initiative to coordinate with Qatar, facilitating the delivery of medications to captives held by Hamas in Gaza.
This move is part of Israel's humanitarian aid procedure for the Gaza Strip. The Prime Minister's office announced that the provision of medications will take place in the coming days.
The German government strongly rejected Friday the accusations made at the UN's top court that Israel is engaged in "genocide" in Gaza and cautions against the "political instrumentalization" of such charges.
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קנצלר גרמניה אולף שולץ בית הדין לצדק ב האג הולנד
קנצלר גרמניה אולף שולץ בית הדין לצדק ב האג הולנד
International Court of Justice, Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz
(Photo: Getty Images, Reuters)
Government spokesperson Steffen Hebestreit asserted in a statement that Israel is acting in self-defense following "inhuman" attacks by Hamas on October 7. Hebestreit emphasizes Germany's commitment to the UN Genocide Convention, signed in 1948 in response to the Holocaust, considering Germany's history and the crimes against humanity.
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טריבונל השופטים בהאג
טריבונל השופטים בהאג
World Court tribunal
(Photo: AP)
In response to South Africa's unfounded allegations against it amid ongoing conflict, Israel's representations are being heard Friday morning at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.
The case brought against Israel by South Africa accuses it of acts in the Gaza Strip that, according to them, constitute "genocide."
In Thursday's preliminary hearing, South African advocates presented a series of charges, most of which lack evidential foundation or are exaggerated and bizarre. They seek an interim order from the court to halt the war. The South Africans almost completely ignored the massacre committed by Hamas terrorists on October 7.
Representing Israel in the court is former Supreme Court chief justice Aharon Barak. Israel's lead advocate is Prof. Malcolm Shaw, a British Jewish legal scholar.
Tal Becker, the legal adviser for Israel’s Foreign Ministry, spoke at the opening of the second day of hearings and bashed South Africa for what he called a "grossly distorted story" it brought before the court with its accusations that Israel was committing genocide in Gaza.
"Hamas terrorists tortured, burned, raped and abducted Israeli citizens," he said, charging that the applicant neglected to mention Hamas' crimes against Israeli citizens.
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טל בקר נציג מדינת ישראל בהאג
טל בקר נציג מדינת ישראל בהאג
Foreign Ministry legal adviser Tal Becker
(Photo: UN)
Becker decried South Africa's omission of Hamas' longstanding and well-documented practice of embedding its fighters and military infrastructure in civilian sites, arguing that the applicant was not "offering a lense" to Hamas's actions, but rather a "blindfold."
He further said that Israel was committed to complying with international in its military campaign, “but it does so in the face of Hamas’s utter contempt for the law.”
He said that the "appalling suffering" of both Israeli and Palestinian civilians stems from Hamas' strategy. He also asserted that the court is "trying to stop Israel defending its civilians against an organization which pursues a genocidal agenda against them."

Israel's undeniable right to defend itself

Israel’s next legal representative Prof. Malcolm Shaw was handed the floor. The expert in international law at the University of Leicester highlighted the necessity of understanding Israel's actions in Gaza within the context of Hamas's October 7 attack.
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דרום אפריקה נגד ישראל בדיון בהאג
דרום אפריקה נגד ישראל בדיון בהאג
Prof. Malcolm Shaw
(Photo: AP / Patrick Post)
Shaw emphasized that while this attack does not permit Israel to violate international law, it does affirm Israel's right to self-defense under humanitarian law. The accusation against Israel is specifically for genocide, a crime that Shaw describes stands "alone among violations of international law as the epitome of evil." He cautioned that misusing the charge of genocide risks diluting its true significance.
In his opening argument, Shaw contested South Africa's portrayal of an ongoing dispute with Israel, referencing South African lawyer Prof. Duggard's previous day's assertion of a "dispute" between the nations. Shaw challenged this notion, labeling it not a dispute but a "unispute."
He also questioned South Africa's assertion of attempting dialogue with Israel, countering that it was Israel who sought bilateral talks, while South Africa moved forward with the ICJ case. Shaw suggested that had South Africa accepted Israel's offer for discussion, it might have been determined that there was no dispute warranting court intervention.
Shaw argued that there is scant evidence to suggest Israel has the specific intent to destroy the Palestinian people. He acknowledged Israel's undeniable intention to defend itself and address the threat from Hamas and similar groups.
Shaw mentioned that if Israeli forces have violated any conflict rules, these issues would be addressed by Israel's "robust and independent legal system." He affirmed that Israel's actions align with international humanitarian law and are executed in a proportionate manner, with efforts to minimize civilian harm through warnings via phone calls, leaflets and other methods.
Shaw emphasized that Israel's leaders aimed to adhere to legal standards in the face of South Africa's accusations of genocide. He argued that potential violations by individual soldiers should not be seen as reflective of state policy. Citing statements from Israeli army commanders and ministers, Shaw highlighted their directives to concentrate on military targets and reduce civilian casualties.
As the court was adjourned to observe a short break, dozens of people, including the families of Israeli hostages left in Gaza, rallied outside the court in support of Israel and a call for the release of the hostages.
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מפגן תמיכה בישראל מחוץ לדיון בהאג
מפגן תמיכה בישראל מחוץ לדיון בהאג
Families of hostages rally outside the International Court of Justice in The Hauge
(Photo: AP / Patrick Post)
As the session restarted Galit Raguan, acting director of the international justice division at Israel’s justice ministry, took the floor. She attributed the high civilian toll in Gaza to Hamas.
She stated that more than 23,000 people have died in Israeli attacks since October 7, noting that "Urban warfare will always result in civilian harm."
According to Raguan, these deaths, while unfortunate, may be a lawful consequence of targeting military objectives and do not equate to genocide. She further explained that Hamas exacerbates civilian casualties by operating within civilian areas, including schools and hospitals.
She further argued that the IDF has so far found evidence of Hamas military activity in every single hospital in the Gaza Strip, and has done so in surgical special forces operations rather than indiscriminately bombing medical facilities as claimed by the Palestinians.
Israel's next representative, Omri Sender emphasized Israel's commitment to the rights of Palestinian civilians in Gaza. He said that Israel undoubtedly fulfills the legal criteria of taking concrete measures to recognize and protect these rights. Sender highlighted that Israel has facilitated the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza, ensuring there are no restrictions on water supply. He also mentioned that food trucks have been granted access to the Strip and that the sick and wounded have been permitted to cross into Egypt.
First published: 11:23, 01.12.24
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