Internal hatred in Israel is far more dangerous than real Nazis

Opinion: Once Jewish people become too consumed by hatred among themselves, it distracts them from rising antisemitism and Holocaust denial around the globe
Alon Goldstein|
The air is filled with Nazis, there are everywhere. On the streets, in the media, in the Knesset, on the roads, everywhere I turn.
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  • Every newsfeed I open, every interview, every small talk, I stumble upon Nazis, or their followers, or Neo Nazis, or even Judo-Nazis, a tag given to Jews and Israelis with a "Nazi mentality."
    There are, of course, a lot of Nazis in the education system. And in the justice system. Also in the Israeli settlements, among welfare communities, at security checkpoints, and even on the buses that transport new IDF recruits to their bases, they are all Nazis.
    There are Nazis in the elevators, in the line in the supermarket, Nazis in the fridge, Nazis in the morning, right next to the croissant and the cup of coffee.
    Art is full of Nazis. Variations of swastikas on walls, and a Star of David patch in a variety of rainbow colors in social media profile pictures. The drawers are filled with Nazis, Nazis between the pencils, gathering near the soft poetry books, on school posters, Nazis in galleries wearing a suit and heels.
    Nazis speak in a quiet and confident tone, with flowery language but without any meaning. Nazis are the original metaphor, so bold and provocative, the only possible inspiration. A chorus line that begins in 1933 and ends in 1945.
    Many Israelis are sick with this Nazi madness. They are addicted, dope sick, and they can't help but dwell on this twisted comparison.
    Whether it's hatred, anxiety, or most dangerously of all, ignorance. Mostly from the left, but also quite a bit from the right, these metaphors are used over and over, the cliches are stacked, the "processes" are revealed, jaws open and spew venom all over the place without a second thought.
    In cemeteries, in the killing pits, in the crematoria, or heaven above - our ancestors roll over in their graves in disgust and horror. They look at us and ask: Is that what you've become? A screaming herd, consumed with hatred, historically blind, with nothing left but a poor opposition? Have you forgotten what Nazis are? What's their nature? What's their real purpose? You forgot that in the ramps, back then, outside the train cars, left and right had only one meaning?
    And the real Nazis? The Holocaust deniers? They look at us with astonishment, from Europe, the United States, Ukraine, Russia, and the Arab countries. Hand clasping, screen-shooting, sharing public elected speeches, interviews of IDF officers, articles of academics, and talkback stars. "If the Jews are Nazis," they say to themselves with satisfaction, "What are we, if not true men and freedom fighters?"
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