Israeli security on high alert, fearing escalation in West Bank, Gaza

After stabbing attack in Jerusalem and reported foiling of major undisclosed terror plot, police deployment in capital bolstered by thousands, while manhunt for two remaining fugitives of Gilboa prison break continues

Ynet, TPS|Updated:
Israel’s security forces stepped up their level of alert across the country on Tuesday, following several terror attacks over the past few days and ahead of a possible escalation in the West Bank and Gaza.
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  • Tensions have been stirred by last week's breakout by six Palestinian militants from the maximum-security Gilboa Prison in northern Israel. Four of the men have since been recaptured.
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    המחבל מפונה מזירת הפיגוע
    המחבל מפונה מזירת הפיגוע
    Palestinian youth who stabbed two Haredi men in Jerusalem, taken to hospital after being shot by Border Police troops
    (Photo: AFP)
    On Monday, two young Haredi teens were stabbed and moderately wounded by an alleged lone wolf terrorist in Jerusalem. The assailant was shot and wounded by Border Police troops
    The Israel Police said they had dispatched reenforcements of 2,000 policemen to Jerusalem after the attack.
    The deployment of security forces, including Shin Bet personnel, allegedly led to the thwarting of a “major” terrorist attack on Monday, the details of which were placed under a gag order.
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    שחזור: כך ניטרלו כוחות מג"ב את המחבל בפיגוע בירושלים
    שחזור: כך ניטרלו כוחות מג"ב את המחבל בפיגוע בירושלים
    Senior police officers at scene of Jerusalem stabbing attack on Monday
    (Photo: Police Spokesperson)
    In the meantime, IDF forces were still searching for the remaining two Palestinian prisoners who escaped from Gilboa Prison last Monday.
    Israeli security officials said they were concerned that if the two convicted terrorists who remain at large are shot in the course of their capture, the Islamic Jihad terror group will resume rocket fire from Gaza into Israel.
    Hamas and the Islamic Jihad had urged Palestinians in the West Bank to carry out attacks in response to what they called "collective punishment" of the PIJ prisoners incarcerated in Israeli jails following the prison break and the rioting that followed.
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    התפרעויות בשכם בעקבות בריחת ששת האסירים הבטחוניים מכלא גלבוע
    התפרעויות בשכם בעקבות בריחת ששת האסירים הבטחוניים מכלא גלבוע
    Palestinians clash with IDF troops near Nablus last week
    (Photo: EPA)
    After three nights of rocket attacks from Gaza, Israel's southern border remained relatively calm on Monday night.
    However, the IDF’s Gaza Division was put on high alert and senior officers were quoted as saying that another military operation in the Strip is not a question of if, but when.
    Egyptian officials reportedly told Hamas leaders following Monday's summit meeting of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, that if the rocket fire does not stop, Israel will launch another broad operation in the Strip.
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    נפתלי בנט וא סיסי בפגישה בשארם א שייח במצרים
    נפתלי בנט וא סיסי בפגישה בשארם א שייח במצרים
    Prime Minister Naftali Bennett meets with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi on Monday
    (Photo: GPO)
    A delegation of the Egyptian Intelligence is expected to visit the Gaza Strip in the coming days in search for a solution to the question of Qatari money earmarked for salaries for Hamas officials, after the Palestinian Authority backed out of its agreement to transfer the funds.

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    First published: 10:31, 09.14.21
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