Settlers claim road terror in fatal West Bank car crash

Initial investigation suggests the Palestinian car deviated from its lane and crashed head on into the car driven by settlers, killing 6-year-old boy; 'car accelerated, and I realized it was going to hit me, I lost my son to Arab road terror,' mother says
Elisha Ben Kimon, Einav Halabi|Updated:
Leaders in the Israeli settlement community claimed Thursday a fatal car crash in the West Bank a day earlier was not an accident and was likely a Palestinian road terror plot.
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  • A car driven by a Palestinian resident of the area, crossed out of its lane and crashed into a the vehicle belonging to a family from a nearby settlement, killing six-year-old Matan Zinman and wounding three of his siblings, as well as his mother.
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    מתן סינמן
    מתן סינמן
    Matan Zinman
    (Photo: Magen David Adom)
    "We were driving along Route 60 on the way to a family meeting in the Ariel settlement," Rivka Zinman said.
    "Suddenly a white Palestinian car appeared, driving fast from the opposite lane, I slowed down the car, but the Palestinian vehicle accelerated. I realized it was going to hit me head-on and I couldn't stop. The collision was at an enormous speed. I lost my son to Palestinian road terror," she said.
    The Palestinians involved in the crash were moderately wounded and were evacuated to the hospital as well.
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     משפחת צינמן, מתן ז''ל הראשון משמאל
     משפחת צינמן, מתן ז''ל הראשון משמאל
    The Zinman family, and deceased Matan Zinman
    (Photo: Courtesy of the family)
    "This is a terrible event perpetrated by Palestinians who were driving recklessly on the roads, while the State of Israel is neglecting the West Bank," the head of a regional council of settlements, Israel Gantz, said.
    "There is no enforcement on our roads, by the police and we are paying the price in blood," he said.
    First published: 09:36, 07.28.22
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