Israeli ambassador’s popular Torah radio show in South Korea becomes a book

Ambassador Akiva Tor compiles three years of broadcasts into book in Korean about Book of Genesis, illustrated by his wife, Naomi; proceeds will go to charity

Israeli Ambassador to South Korea Akiva Tor hosts a weekly broadcast program on the country's FEBC Radio, focusing on the Torah. The program aims to discuss topics that resonate with listeners, fostering sympathy and support for Israel among South Korea's Christian population.
The show has garnered high ratings and significant attention nationwide, attracting a dedicated audience. After three years of broadcasts and completing the study of Genesis, a book titled "Genesis: The Beginning of Everything - Radio Conversations with the Ambassador of Israel" is being published.
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שגריר ישראל בדרום קוריאה עקיבא תור ורעייתו ד"ר נעמי תור
שגריר ישראל בדרום קוריאה עקיבא תור ורעייתו ד"ר נעמי תור
Israeli Ambassador to South Korea Akiva with his newly released book
The book features 50 chapters, from the creation of the world to Jacob’s blessings, all written in Korean. It is illustrated by the ambassador’s wife, Dr. Naomi Tor, and is available in South Korean bookstores and online, with proceeds going to charity.
Prominent figures from mega-churches, including the Yoido Full Gospel Church, the largest Pentecostal congregation in the world, have written dedications for the book, which is expected to boost its popularity and distribution in the Israel-friendly country.
“I was delighted to connect with the Korean people on behalf of the State of Israel through studying a book beloved by both our ancient cultures,” said Ambassador Tor. “This exciting project has reached millions via the airwaves, and I hope it will continue to strengthen our relationship through this book. Israel and South Korea face similar and different challenges in security, economy and culture, but our unique connection to the Torah unites us.”
Dr. Naomi Tor, the book's illustrator, added, “To depict the events in Genesis, I used Hanji paper, a traditional Korean medium. Through these drawings, I aimed to create a dialogue between Israelis, the Torah and the Korean people.”
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