Gantz says Iran can produce nuclear bomb within two weeks

Outgoing defense minister tells 30 military attachés Iran carried out 16 attacks on civilian targets in recent years; says government condemns Russian attacks on Ukraine civilians and is advancing plans to deliver early warning systems to Kyiv
Yoav Zitun|
Defense Minister Benny Gantz said on Thursday that if a decision in made in Tehran, Iran can be in possession of a nuclear bomb within two weeks.
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  • Speaking to the military attachés of 30 countries, Gantz said Iran had carried out 16 attacks against civilian targets in the Red Sea and the Gulf, in recent years, he said called for the world to take action.
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    שר הביטחון בני גנץ במפגש עם נספחים מ- 30 מדינות
    שר הביטחון בני גנץ במפגש עם נספחים מ- 30 מדינות
    Benny Gantz in briefing with military attachés
    (Photo: Defense Ministry)
    "Just last month we saw a strike carried out on a civilian ship off the coast of Oman," Gantz said. "Iran is a threat to the entire world and not just a challenge for Israel," he said.
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    הספינה מרסר סטריט עוגנת בנמל פוג'יירה באיחוד האמירויות
    הספינה מרסר סטריט עוגנת בנמל פוג'יירה באיחוד האמירויות
    Israeli owned Mercer Street tanker struck by Iranian drones in the Gulf
    (Photo: AFP)
    The outgoing minister thanked the representatives of the international community for their cooperation in advancing defense cooperation as well as defense industry deals.
    "We've taken steps to bolster the Palestinian Authority," he said. "We can see the problems the PA has in exerting its authority and will take extensive action against terror gangs that not only target Israelis, but also harm Palestinian residents," Gantz told the diplomats.
    He added that Israel was advancing plant to supply Ukraine with early warning systems in their fight against the Russian invasion and repeated the government's position that condemns Russian attacks on the civilian population.
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