ICC in the service of terror, axis of evil

Opinion: Hypocrisy of the world evident but Israel's leadership cannot avoid responsibility for far-right minister's rhetoric, failing to explain what destroyed buildings in Gaza were used for, failing to publicize legal action taken when international law violated 

Truth be told, the international law has never before become a slave to the axis of evil and to terror, until now. A terror organization that openly announces its aim to destroy Israel, murder Jews and Christians and dominate the world, a terror group that launched the worse murderous attack on Jews since the Holocaust, a terror force whose leaders say they will continue that murder, is equated to a country defending itself against the murderous organization out to destroy it.
Is there justification for severe response to the murderous enemy facing a sovereign country? This is not a theoretical question. There are facts. When the United States killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese, when Tokyo was bombed, who was to blame? The U.S.? Japan?
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קארים חאן
קארים חאן
Karim Khan
(Photo: ICC)
When the UK bombed Dresden and Hamburg during WWII, who was to blame? Hitler or Churchill?
When the war on terror caused the death of half a million people, 70% of them innocent civilians, according to modest estimations, who was responsible, Osama Bin Laden or George Bush and Barak Obama? When the U.S. destroyed 70% of the buildings in Mosul and ar-Raqqa, who was responsible, the U.S. or ISIS? The answers are clear, until it comes to Israel.
There is no shortage of reasons to criticize Israel's leaders such as the outrageous statements about cutting off water supplies, stopping food delivery, claims that 'there are no innocent Gazans," and much more.
Even when their bravado was quoted in the International Court of Justice, (IJC) and despite repeated warnings, they continued. Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich went the extra mile to hurt Israel's standing when he declared there must be total extermination in Rafah, Deir al Balah and the Nuseirat refugee camp in Gaza. [Hamas leader Yahya] Sinwar and South Africa should send him a bouquet of flowers. And if there is doubt about the extent of damage caused by the far-right members of the government, it's time to put it to rest.
Israel, we've learned, is not the United States, which not refrained from signing on the Rome Statute, on which prosecutions for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, at the International Criminal Court (ICC) - are based, It had even legislated, in bi-partisan approval, a law allowing military action to free any U.S. citizens arrested by the court, for actions taken on the behalf of his country.
When former ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda asked to investigate alleged crimes by American forces, her visa to enter the U.S. was revoked. A three-judge panel summoned to hear her concerns, took the hint and rejected her request.
We are in the preliminary stages Khan's request must be approved by ICC judges. In the current climate, chances are they will rule in favor of the prosecutor.
The American condemnation of Khan's move was expected. It is unacceptable for him to use the material collected by South Africa, on the behest of Iran, that was presented to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in their accusation that Israel had carried out a genocide in Gaza.
The U.S. knows that this would be a win for terror and the axis of evil. After delaying the delivery of military aid, amid vague allegations that Israel might have violated international law, their support is welcomed, if a little late. But Washington can do more, much more.
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ג'ו ביידן נשיא ארה"ב
ג'ו ביידן נשיא ארה"ב
Joe Biden
(Photo: Win McNamee / Getty Images)
News that Israel is on the cusp of normalization with Saudi Arabia is certainly welcome. But here now the U.S. must prevent a win for the axis of evil, using it full weight to prevent arrest warrants from being issued.
International hypocrisy notwithstanding, Israel's leadership cannot be excused from the unprecedented new low it had dragged the country into. It is not enough to claim the U.S. and Britain acted as ruthlessly in their war against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Israel should have taken the hypocrisy in the world, into account. It must have made clear from day one that the response to the Hamas atrocities would be in accordance to international law.
Ben Dror Yemini Ben Dror Yemini
The IDF Spokesperson was wrong to release images of destroyed buildings in Gaza without detailing what they were being used for by the terrorists. The military should have instructed soldiers in how to conduct themselves in the Strip and the IDF should also have made public the legal actions taken against troops who were in violation of the law. The complementarity principle in international law prevents the intervention of the ICC in such investigations.
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תא"ל דניאל הגרי בוועידת "האנשים של המדינה"
תא"ל דניאל הגרי בוועידת "האנשים של המדינה"
Daniel Hagari
(Photo: Yariv Katz)
There were violations. No war against evil can have none. But the IDF commits fewer such violations than any other Western military. But as was evident when the UN adjusted its casualty figures in Gaza, we are now paying not only for the world's hypocrisy but also for our own stupidity.

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