Soldier succumbs to wounds from Hezbollah fire

Major (res.) Dor Zimel, a deputy platoon commander was wounded in an attack on the Western Galilee and has been in critical condition ever since; was to marry next month

Major (res.) Dor Zimel on Sunday succumbed to wounds sustained in a Hezbollah attack on the Western Galilee last week. Some 18 soldiers were hurt in the attack including missile fire and attack drones, at least six of them suffered serious injuries.
Zimel was hurt just one month before he was to marry. The couple received a special engagement ring donated in memory of Adir Mesika, who was murdered at the Nova music festival. Adir continued his family's jewelry design business, and in his memory, the family decided to give free engagement rings to soldiers.
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דור זימל ושיר שגיב עם הטבעת שתרם אלון מסיקה
דור זימל ושיר שגיב עם הטבעת שתרם אלון מסיקה
Dor and Shir are supposed to get married in a month
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Doctors at Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya fought ceaselessly for his life. "The doctors say that all that is left for us to do is to pray. He's in a state where only prayer is needed. Hundreds of thousands are praying all over the world for Dor Zimel, son of Sharon and Alon," His father told Ynet earlier.
"The whole story started on Thursday at 13:15. The first missile hit the Arab al-Aramshe community center where the soldiers were resting. They were resting and playing ping pong before the first missile hit. Dor was severely injured by the first missile and as rescue forces arrived, Hezbollah sent UAVs. It was difficult to evacuate the wounded," he said.
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ירי רקטה על מרגליות
ירי רקטה על מרגליות
Hezbollah constantly fires barrages of missiles at the north
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"Dor is a character that needs to be studied from history books, in IDF courses. Children in kindergarten who draw a soldier will know it's Dor. He's a figure who influenced so many people. His classmates, his soldiers, his platoon commander, his battalion commander. They're all here with us, not leaving us."
Footage of the UAV striking Arab al-Aramshe last week

"In November, he left the reserves and proposed to Shir. They told him on the way that there was a post on the Mesika family's Facebook page from Even Yehuda, whose son was killed on October 7," his father said. "The parents just finished their shiva, and the dad, who works in the diamond exchange, posted that any soldier who wants to propose will be given an engagement ring free of charge. We went to pick up Dor from Nahariya and told Shir the story. By the time we got to Even Yehuda, there was already a ring and a proposal. They volunteered to make them a production in Arsuf," he added.
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First published: 18:23, 04.21.24
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