Israeli Arabs' celebrations of Morocco's World Cup heroics wreak havoc in south

Bedouin communities in the Negev celebrate African country's win over Portugal by throwing rocks at police, forming gridlocks on highways and firing live rounds in the air, 'It will change when I'm minister,' Ben-Gvir warns

Attila Somfalvi, Ilana Curiel|
While the Arab world celebrated Morocco becoming the first a Arab or African nation to make it to the FIFA World Cup semi-finals, in Israel similar celebrations took an ugly turn late on Saturday.
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  • Morocco continued their surprise run in Qatar on Saturday with a shock 1-0 victory over the highly fancied Portugal, booking a semi-final on Wednesday against current World Cup holders France.
    Morocco's World Cup celebrations get out of hand in the Negev
    The victory was celebrated in the West Bank and Gaza, as well as by the Israeli Arabs. Bedouins in the Negev in southern Israel celebrated by dancing in the streets, firing live rounds in the air and droving wildly on the roads - culminating in a car accident.
    Police arrested a 17-year-old teen, who threw rocks at police cars. "Israeli police will allow sportsmanship, but has zero tolerance for wild antics or violent incidents," said The Israel Police in a statement.
    Footage from the Bedouin town of Segev Shalom, just south of Be'er Sheva, shows rocks being thrown at police cars, but no one was arrested there. In Laqiya, another Bedouin town, gridlocks were reported after many got out of their cars to celebrate mid-traffic, with some driving erratically and endangering pedestrians. Others were shooting live ammunition into the air.
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    החגיגות שיצאו משליטה: התפרעות בנגב בעקבות העפלה לחצי גמר במונדיאל
    החגיגות שיצאו משליטה: התפרעות בנגב בעקבות העפלה לחצי גמר במונדיאל
    Bedouin firing live rounds in the air
    Amid the chaos, the local council of the Bedouin town of Tel Sheva released a statement. "People are happy for Morocco. Celebrating the win is fine, but throwing rocks and damaging private property is no way to celebrate. The police intend to bring soldiers over to impose order, so please keep your children safe and stay home."
    The post was later deleted, as there was no intent to bring any soldiers over in the first place.
    MK Itamar Ben-Gvir, who is poised to take over the National Security Mministry, told Ynet that once he takes on the position, "things will change."
    "They smashed traffic lights and threw rocks at the police, and the police ran away. Is that normal?"
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    החגיגות שיצאו משליטה: התפרעות בנגב בעקבות העפלה לחצי גמר במונדיאל
    החגיגות שיצאו משליטה: התפרעות בנגב בעקבות העפלה לחצי גמר במונדיאל
    Bedouin forming gridlocks
    "I love the police and I think we should raise their salaries. I don't think they're pushovers. Those in the field are great people. Netanyahu has already authorized billions to be added to the law-enforcement budget. But, I'm aiming for more, and I want a strong police in Holon, Rishon Lezion and Umm al-Fahm. All over Israel."
    The police had no comment in response to Ben-Gvir's statements.
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