Israel folds like a deck of cards in time for Eurovision

Opinion: The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation announced that it would modify its entry to be allowed to participate in the song contest, but the truth of the matter is that Eurovision would be happy if Israel stayed at home; It's time to admit that our cultural credit in the world is fading before our eyes

Einav Schiff|
Judging by Israel's conduct in the run up to the Eurovision song contest, it is not about preparations for a light pop competition, but rather comprehensive training for the Olympics. In a spectacular exercise that included climbing the tallest tree in Europe, inflating Tarzan-like chests, and then performing a somersault with a less-than-soft landing on the face, it became clear that there will not be an "October Rain" in May in Sweden, but rather a "Hurricane" that cannot include the words defined by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) as "a political message." If folding were a sport, the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation would get a perfect score or, in fact, a "douze (12) points."
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In fact, after proclaiming that they would preserve the country's honor and avoid embarrassment until the complete victory over the daring soldiers of Az al-Din al-Iceland, they also demonstrated high skills in logic.
The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation "approached the creators of the two chosen songs and requested them to adapt the lyrics while maintaining full artistic freedom," announced the press release issued after the initial publication of the decision on Ynet. Well, either they don't know what the expression "full artistic freedom" means, or someone decided to raise satire to a whole new level.
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עדן גולן
עדן גולן
Eden Golan
(Photo: Keshet TV)
It goes without saying that if the corporation says, "Change the lyrics, or else we won't be able to participate in the competition," then there is no "artistic freedom" and certainly not "full" freedom. What is there instead? Unavoidable political and diplomatic pressures during wartime; pressure from the president of the country who, contrary to the corporation, somewhat understands where he lives and never locked himself into positions he didn't know how to get out of; And also common sense that should have saved this entire telenovella from the beginning instead of bringing about the embarrassing result, which still does not guarantee that Israel will even receive the defeat that awaits it.
But it seems that the organization wanted to have its cake and eat it too, and also fantasize that it's broccoli. The high and exaggerated tones, as if the talented Eden Golan is a Golani soldier and not a young singer who got caught up in a situation that is way over her head, may have brought some approval to the corporation under the watchful eye of the communications minister, but Europe is not interested, and from their perspective Israel can – and even should – stay home from the competition.
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Kan 11 Broadcasting
(Photo: Shaul Golan)
And beyond that, the game of Chicken led by the corporation exposed the bluff: more than what pushes us to be right - and we are - we're afraid to discover the truth. The political credit for war still somehow continues, but the cultural credit is dwindling before our eyes. The illusion that we can be a small country at war that has inflicted tens of thousands of casualties, including innocent men and women, and even children who are always innocent, and still behave as if it's 1999, has exploded because they thought they could act with vigilance and not wisdom. It's a shame they came out looking, well, especially foolish.
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