Who should lead an international effort to combat antisemitism?

Opinion: The current government of Israel is not up to the task therefore world Jewry and others must take the lead and recruit people like Angela Merkel to lead an effective campaign 

Who should lead the effort against antisemitism, which, like a chronic disease with periodic outbreaks, is again rearing its head? Sadly, the current government of Israel is not able to do so and therefore action is required of world Jewry and other influential players.
At the outset, it must be said that not all criticism of Israel is antisemitic. Also, antisemitism always adapted to the prevalent discourse. When it was religious, we were Christ killers. Plagues caused mass deaths? We - who possibly died less because our religion requires regular handwashing - spread it. If it is economic, we were communists who destroyed successful economies and were simultaneously exploitative capitalists.
Now human rights are at the fore and it is only natural that Israel (and Jews, who are identified with it) are their foremost abusers. Thus, hypocritical partnerships emerged. Absurdly, promoters of personal liberties ally themselves with those who stone adulterers, and individuals with a personal interest in the region recruit ignorant spewers of empty slogans. Those and others act together against the ultimate manifestation of evil: Israel and Jews.
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הפגנות נגד ישראל בספרד, מדריד
הפגנות נגד ישראל בספרד, מדריד
Anti-Israel protesters in Spain carry an Israeli flag stained red
(Photo: Pierre-Philippe Marcou / AFP)
The State of Israel, which was established inter alia to provide refuge and support to a persecuted nation, is the natural candidate to lead an international effort against antisemitism. Ideally, it should join world Jewry in communicating effectively with politicians, media, academia and others around the world.
The obvious leader of this operation should be the Minister for Diaspora Affairs and Combatting Antisemitism. In New York last year, Amihai Chikli gave the finger to protesters against the upheaval over the government's the judicial legislation initiative . He spoke up strongly against a prominent American Jewish organization which supports a two-state solution and so reflects the opinion of the majority of American Jews and of many Israelis. Recently, he said that if he were able, would vote for Trump, not Biden. Evidently, he is not the person to build bridges.
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ישיבת ממשלה
ישיבת ממשלה
Amihai Chikli
(Photo: Yonatan Sindel)
Arguably, campuses are now the locus of the most vicious expressions of antisemitism. What about the Minister of Education? Yoav Kisch tried to terminate the independence of the National Library, attempted to block The Parents Circle (Israelis and Palestinians who lost immediate family members in the conflict) from appearing in schools while thousands of others with specific agendas were welcome, and failed to suspend this year's presentation of the prestigious Israel prize, allegedly because one of the laureates is a prominent critic of the government. Such scorn towards independent thinking and freedom of expression is not conducive to discourse with students and lecturers.
Jewish involvement has strategic importance, maybe the Minister of Strategic Affairs? After completing his term as ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer stated that Israel should rely on the support of evangelical Christians rather than on American Jews, as the former are more numerous and less critical. This is not the place to discuss the pros and cons of evangelical support. But whoever regards our fellow Jews as a rubber stamp that must approve every move by the government of Israel and who are not supposed to have an opinion and express it, whoever declines to view them as partners in a mutual relationship, is doomed to fail in this joint enterprise.
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השבעת הממשלה ה-37 במליאת הכנסת
השבעת הממשלה ה-37 במליאת הכנסת
Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
(Photo: Knesset Spokesperson )
Dear diaspora Jews, we are now facing major challenges both together and separately. At this difficult time, Israel is led by a government that, as all polls indicate, has lost the support of the majority of its citizens and is fast becoming an international pariah. It fails to recognize that criticism may have merits and instead insists that Israelis who do not agree fully with its actions are lefties who undermine complete victory, while abroad they are inevitably antisemites who support our enemies.
Cherished brothers and sisters, Israel is currently in a fragile state and is unable to take the lead. Let us hope that you will harness your skills and contacts to generate plans and act upon them, locally and internationally. Try to recruit influential players who are not Jewish, possibly among leaders of other religions. Contact present and former heads of government and state, those who are close to your communities and/or support Israel, if not its current government. I imagine someone like the former Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel leading a worldwide operation, but you know just as well who is most suitable.
טובה הרצלTova Herzl
History teaches us that antisemitism cannot be eradicated, but its manifestations can be limited. Let us hope that you will be as effective as possible and that in the not-too-distant future, we will once again be a useful and reliable partner to you. Until then, please bring your wisdom and resourcefulness into play, and ease the situation for you and us.
Tova Herzl is a former Israeli ambassador to South Africa and the Baltic countries, and served as liaison between the U.S. Congress at the Israeli Embassy in Washington
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