IDF says special forces operating inside Khan Younis hospital

Army says has credible information bodies of hostages taken on October 7 may be in Nasser Hospital in southern Gaza's Khan Younis

After weeks of Palestinian claims of a "siege" on Nasser Hospital in the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Yunis, the largest hospital currently operating in the territory, the IDF said on Thursday that special forces have entered the hospital aiming to target Hamas operatives.
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Army chief spokesperson Read Admiral Daniel Hagari said the military had credible information that the bodies of hostages taken on Oct. 7 may be in the facility. "We conduct precise rescue operations - as we have in the past - where our intelligence indicates that the bodies of hostages may be held," Hagari said in a statement.
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פלסטינים מגיעים ל רפיח אחרי שהתפנו מבית החולים נאסר חאן יונס עזה
פלסטינים מגיעים ל רפיח אחרי שהתפנו מבית החולים נאסר חאן יונס עזה
Palestinians evacuated from Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip
(Photo: REUTERS/Mohammed Salem)
Hagari noted that the intelligence stemmed from "a number of sources, including from released hostages," indicating that "Hamas held hostages at the Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis and that there may be bodies of our hostages in the Nasser Hospital facility."
"As was proven with the Shifa Hospital; Rantisi Hospital; Al Amal Hospital; and many other hospitals across Gaza, Hamas systematically uses hospitals as terror hubs," Hagari continued.
"According to intelligence assessments and information we gathered on the ground, over 85% of major medical facilities in Gaza have been used by Hamas for terror operations.
"Because Hamas terrorists are likely hiding behind injured civilians inside Nasser hospital right now and appear to have used the hospital to hide our hostages there too, the IDF is conducting a precise and limited operation inside Nasser hospital.
"This sensitive operation was prepared with precision and is being conducted by IDF special forces who underwent specified training."
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תא״ל דניאל הגרי
תא״ל דניאל הגרי
IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
Hagari also noted that "A key objective as defined by our military mission is to ensure that the Nasser hospital continues its important function of treating Gazan patients. We communicated this in a number of conversations we had with the hospital staff over the last few days. We emphasized that there is no obligation for patients or staff to evacuate the hospital. However, we have been urging other Gazans, in Arabic, on the phone and via loudspeakers, to move away from the danger that Hamas puts them in — via a humanitarian corridor we opened for this purpose. For the purpose of protecting uninvolved civilians in Gaza.
"We coordinated the transfer of medical supplies and equipment to Nasser hospital. We sent oxygen tanks and fuel for electricity at the request of the hospital to ensure its essential functions continue uninterrupted. This was done in coordination with international organizations."
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