Israel Aerospace Industries signs $1 billion deal with undisclosed 'third party'

 IAI announced the deal is closed, but it is currently withholding the identity of the country behind it; Reports suggest it is a satellite deal, and IAI chief Amir Peretz is finalizing details at a meeting taking place in Morocco

Navit Zomer|
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has secured a monumental supply deal for military equipment worth a staggering $1 billion dollars over approximately five years with a country it describes as a "third party," it reported to the stock exchange on Tuesday. According to IAI, the anticipated completion date for this deal is 2029. The company has also committed to providing the customer with guarantees for advances, execution and responsibility, with varying amounts based on the project's progress.
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התעשייה האווירית
התעשייה האווירית
Israel Aerospace Industries
(Photo: Avi Mualem)
Foreign reports suggest that this deal involves satellites and is between Israel and Morocco. These satellites are used for communication radar and espionage purposes. IAI is one of only 10 manufacturers worldwide with the expertise to produce such satellites.
Additionally, IAI Chairman Amir Peretz is currently visiting Morocco, and it is believed that his trip is to finalize this agreement.
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כיכר החטופים בזמן פגישת נתניהו וראשי רשויות הדרום
כיכר החטופים בזמן פגישת נתניהו וראשי רשויות הדרום
IAI Chairman Amir Peretz
(Photo: Moti Kimhi)
This deal demonstrates that the global status of Israeli defense industries remains unaffected by the boycott imposed by French President Emmanuel Macron, which barred them from participating in the global arms exhibition in Paris.
"Global demand for military equipment of all kinds is at an all-time high. This is an arms race by the West in response to the emerging axis of evil threat," an industry insider commented. "This is a golden era for Israeli defense industries because their equipment and technology have proven effective on the battlefield during the Gaza war."
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