Two Israelis seriously hurt in shooting attack in east Jerusalem

Officials say attack at checkpoint left 22-year-old female Border Police officer critically wounded and 25-year-old guard severely hurt; gunman, who arrived on foot, opened fire and escaped via waiting car; one suspect in custody, three others still at large

Gilad Cohen, Nina Fox|
A Palestinian gunman late Saturday opened fire at an Israeli military checkpoint in east Jerusalem seriously wounding two people, one of them critically, Israeli authorities said.
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  • Saturday night's shooting occurred at a checkpoint near the Shuafat refugee camp in east Jerusalem. Police said the assailant opened fire, wounding a female soldier and a security guard. Israeli rescue services said the woman was in critical condition and the man was in serious condition. A third Israeli was lightly wounded.
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    תיעוד האירוע בשועפט זירת האירוע בשועפט
    תיעוד האירוע בשועפט זירת האירוע בשועפט
    Shooting attack on police checkpoint in Jerusalem
    (Photo: Medabrim Tikshoret group)
    According to preliminary investigations, a gunman approached a police roadblock on foot, opened fire and escaped into a waiting car, heading towards the nearby refugee camp.
    The wounded Israelis were reported to be a 22-year-old woman serving in the Border Police, and a 25-year-old security guard.
    Jerusalem shooting attack
    They were taken to the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, while another woman who was lightly hurt by shrapnel was treated on the scene.
    Video clips appearing on Palestinian social media sites showed a white Toyota arriving at the roadblock and quickly speeding away.
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    זירת האירוע בשועפט
    זירת האירוע בשועפט
    Aftermath of Jerusalem shooting attack
    (Photo: Alex Kolomoisky )
    Security forces entered the Shuafat refugee camp in pursuit of the gunmen, resulting in riots breaking out between local Palestinians and Israeli troops.
    Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai said on Saturday evening that his troops have apprehended one Palestinian suspected of involvement in the shooting attack on the police checkpoint.
    He said the forces were in pursuit of three others, whose identities were known to the police.
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    זירת פיגוע הירי במחסום שועפט
    זירת פיגוע הירי במחסום שועפט
    Police forces in the aftermath of the Jerusalem shooting attack on Saturday
    (Photo: AFP)
    "This is a serious attack and we will not rest until all those involved are captured," the police said in a statement.
    Residents of the camp were later seen celebrating the attack with fireworks and exclamations of joy on social media.
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    זירת האירוע בשועפט
    זירת האירוע בשועפט
    Firecrackers in the sky over the Shuafat refugee camp after a shooting attack nearby
    (Photo: Alex Kolomoisky)
    Prime Minister Yair Lapid, who was briefed on the event, said security forces will find the terrorists.
    "Our forces are spread out during the upcoming Sukott holiday and are working day and night to protect the people of Israel. Terror will not prevail," Lapid said.
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    כוחות משטרה בזירת הפיגוע
    כוחות משטרה בזירת הפיגוע
    Troops in the aftermath of the Jerusalem shooting attack on Saturday
    (Photo: Police Spokesperson)
    A spokesperson for the Hamas terror group praised the attack.
    "The brave Shuafat operation proves the armed resistance in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem continues, no matter how repressive the steps taken by the enemy are," Fauzi Barhum said.
    The Islamic Jihad terror group also praised the shooting attack after one of its operatives was arrested earlier in the day in the Jenin refugee camp.

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