Noa and Nir were killed in a rocket barrage on the Golan, leaving their 3 children orphans

Couple, both 46, from Kibbutz Ortal in Golan Heights, killed by direct hit to their vehicle hours after assassination of Nasrallah's former bodyguard; they leave behind three orphans ages 13, 16 and 18

Noa and Nir Baranes, both 46, from Kibbutz Ortal in the Golan, have been identified as the couple who were killed by a direct hit to their vehicle after a barrage of rockets was fired into the Golan Heights Tuesday evening, hours after the assassination of the former bodyguard of Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah. The couple were first mortally wounded in the incident, and were later pronounced dead.
Nir previously worked as the CEO of the "Kibbutz Ortal Tourism" hospitality complex and managed the poultry division of the kibbutz, and Noa worked as a chocolatier - a chocolate maker and workshop leader - and was the secretary of the farming division of the kibbutz. They leave behind three children, ages 13, 16 and 18.
In the wake of the rocket barrage - and its devastating results - the Golan has experienced an upheaval. Uri Kellner, head of the Golan Regional Council, said on Tuesday that "what occurred tonight is something that we have been aware of and talked about for three months, residents of the Golan community have been killed. We have gone through a difficult and complex event in which two dear and beloved residents were murdered."
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ניר ונועה ברנס ז"ל
ניר ונועה ברנס ז"ל
Noa and Nir Baranes were killed when a rocket fired from Hezbollah at the Golan Heights hit their car
(Photo: Fire and Rescue Services, Northern Division)
"It is a difficult and sad morning in the Golan," the regional council said in a statement. "Two of our friends, parents of three children, were murdered on their way home. The entire Golan community is shocked, pained and in mourning. We embrace the family members and the Ortal community and friends in their heavy grief. We will continue to be a united and supportive community as we have been. Hoping for better days."
The families of the evacuees from the "Fighting for the North" organization headquarters demanded proactive action after the incident, and said that "a red line has been crossed, two deaths in the north and no one in the leadership cares." The headquarters added that: "If we don't go to war in the north now, it will be an indelible crime against the government and the leadership. There is an opportunity here that should not be missed for a real decision and not targeted attacks that do not offer any deterrence." They threatened to protest the government's conduct, noting that "soon you will see us on the streets, you didn't leave us a home anyway."
Kibbutz Ortal, where the couple and their children lived, said in a statement:"A heavy burden has fallen on Kibbutz Ortal. Noa and Nir Baranes, members of the kibbutz, were killed by a direct hit on their car. Noa and Nir were central and beloved members of Ortal. They came to Ortal in 2012. The Ortal community is strong and close-knit , strengthens the family and is dealing with the situation."
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תיעוד מהזירה
תיעוד מהזירה
The couple's car after being hit by rocket
The attack took place after rocket alert sirens were activated in several different areas in the Golan, where about 40 rockets were fired from Lebanon. The fire and rescue department reported after the barrage that seven fire teams worked to put out the fires that broke out from the rockets. It was reported that there were more than eight centers of fires in open areas as a result of falls.
The Magen David Adom paramedics who arrived at the scene reported that: "Immediately after the alarms, we received a report of two casualties and went to the scene. We reached the area and the sight was difficult. We saw a vehicle that had suffered a direct hit, with an unconscious man and woman who were mortally wounded. During the medical treatment, more alarms sounded and we ran to protect ourselves and handled the incident under fire. Army forces helped us on the spot. This was a very difficult event."
Following the attack, the regional council closed a major road in the area and instructed residents in the northern Golan to stay near protected areas and avoid gatherings until further notice, but later removed the restriction.
After the barrage, Hezbollah claimed responsibility for firing "dozens of Katyushas" toward the Golan, in response to the assassination of Yasser Nimr Qarnabsh, Nasrallah's former bodyguard.
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