Palestinian mob attacks 2 Israelis in Ramallah who entered city by accident

Footage from incident at Al-Manara Square appears to show a large crowd rallying around a burning car believed to belong to members of Breslov Hassidic movement, who are said to have been rescued by Palestinian police
A mob of Palestinians attacked two Israelis in Ramallah after they apparently had entered the West Bank city by mistake in a car, the military confirmed Wednesday.
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  • They were attacked at the city's Al-Manara Square, while their vehicle was set on fire.
    Video showing Palestinian mob around a burning car believed to belong to Israelis
    Video footage from the incident appears to show a large crowd of Palestinians rallying around a burning car believed to belong to the Israelis.
    The two were rescued by members of the Palestinian Authority's police forces, who later transferred them to the Israeli military.
    The Israelis appear to be members of the Breslov Hassidic movement - one from the Israeli settlement town of Shilo and the other from the settlement of Elad.
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    הרכב לאחר שהשריפה כבתה
    הרכב לאחר שהשריפה כבתה
    Palestinian crowd rallies around a car belonging to Israelis
    According to a report from Channel 12, local youths in Ramallah identified the Israelis as Jews based on their Orthodox appearance, looted their vehicle and broke the equipment inside it, before eventually setting it on fire.
    One eyewitness said the Israelis "survived a certain death" after Palestinian police rescued the pair.
    Once the two had returned to the Israeli territory, they were questioned by Israeli security forces. The IDF Spokesperson's Unit said the two underwent a medical examination and did not require a hospital treatment.
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