Houthi arms depot hit in missile strike, report

Arab media reports at least one explosion in Sana'a, however, the Houthis denied the allegations, saying blast took place at a gas station
Lior Ben-Ari|
Yemeni media on Thursday, reported that a large explosion was seen in the area of the capital Sana'a which is under the control of the Houthi rebels.
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Saudi media said a Houthi arms depot located in a closed military zone was hit in a missile strike, and according to some reports in the capital, there were two explosions, however, there were no reports of casualties.
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פיצוץ בג'בל עטאן בבירת תימן צנעא
פיצוץ בג'בל עטאן בבירת תימן צנעא
Explosion in the area of the capital Sana'a
Houthi sources denied that the explosion occurred in an arms depot, and according to their statements, the blast took place at a gas station.
Hazam al-Assad, a member of the Houthi political bureau, argued that the reason for the explosion was remnants of bombs in the area from a previous conflict. He conveyed these remarks on Twitter, even explaining them in Hebrew.
The Houthis launched missiles toward Israel during the war and targeted U.S. naval vessels in the Arabian Sea. They also targeted cargo ships and an oil tanker owned or operated with ties to Israel.
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