East Jerusalem Palestinians celebrate Iranian attack on Israel with fireworks

Experts say Iran gained influence in East Jerusalem through front organizations supported by pro-Iranian coalition in Iraq

Palestinian residents of the Silwan neighborhood in East Jerusalem celebrated the Iranian missile and drone attacks on Israel by firing fireworks as a sign of solidarity with Tehran.
MK Dan Illouz of the ruling Likud Party questioned National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir on Monday if any arrests were made in connection with the incident and if those arrested would be prosecuted under anti-terrorism laws.

The incident rekindled allegations that Iran, similarly to Turkey, has been working in recent years to establish a foothold in Jerusalem through investments in front organizations, including the Silwan Women's Association.
The Jerusalem Center for Applied Policy found evidence of Iranian involvement in East Jerusalem neighborhoods and presented documentation of projects funded by Iraq that transferred significant budgets to Jerusalem-based organizations associated with the Palestinian Authority (PA).
Furthermore, one of the individuals who contributed to the rapprochement between Iran and East Jerusalem was former PA ambassador to Iraq Ahmed Aqil, considered a protégé of Jibril Rajoub, who is associated with Iran and close to Hamas. The Jerusalem Center for Applied Policy noted a certain trend of this influence in Silwan, following the decision of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to appoint Ahmed Rawidi, a resident of Silwan, as ambassador to Iraq.
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יירוטים בשמי הר הבית שבמזרח ירושלים
יירוטים בשמי הר הבית שבמזרח ירושלים
Fireworks in East Jerusalem while Israel intercepts Iranian missiles over Temple Mount
The incident demonstrates the wide support the Islamic Republic enjoys in Jerusalem's streets. However, prominent residents of Silwan criticized these displays of solidarity, fearing that the entire village might be labeled as supporting Iran or terrorism.
Jerusalem Center for Applied Policy research director Ran Yishai, who previously served as director-general of the Jerusalem municipality and a liaison to the Foreign Ministry, said, "Iran is trying to influence Jerusalem through front organizations supported by the pro-Iranian coalition in Iraq and through individuals with ties to Jibril Rajoub."
According to him, "The separation between the Arabs of Jerusalem and those wishing to live in peace with Israel must also be achieved through nurturing relationships and coexistence, alongside decisive actions against any manifestation of terrorism and incitement against Israel."
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