You shall not pass! Police crack down on dangerous driving

Reckless, dangerous driving has become too common on Israel's streets; Israel Police is stepping in and stepping up enforcement of driving laws and dealing with the phenomenon of 'bullying in the roads' in the hope of restoring normalcy to driving

Amit Harari, ILTV|


Perhaps the most dangerous thing a person can do in Israel is to drive a car and try to control road rage. Following countless cases of 'bullying on road', dangerous life-risking driving and the occasional victims of car accidents. The police are on the case and have begun to act against perpetrators around Israel.
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Who among us who drives in this country does not come across extremely dangerous and aggressive drivers on a daily basis. Those drivers who drive at crazy speed, tailgating and passing on the left and right, cutting all in their way. The types that often provoke road rage. Well, the police in the southern district have launched a campaign to stop those crazy drivers and their deadly ways.
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תיעוד העקיפה
תיעוד העקיפה
Bullying on the roads and driving dangerously
(Israel Police)
The Southern District will continue operations and its unwavering campaign in dealing with the phenomenon of bullying on the roads and life-risking driving crimes i, said Yogev Atias, Southern District Superintendent. "Throughout the work of the Southern District with additional police units, we began acting against this phenomenon of bullying on the roads. So far we arrested suspects believed to be involved in dangerous driving in the past few days," he added.
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סנ"צ יוגב אטיאס בתדרוך של המשטרה
סנ"צ יוגב אטיאס בתדרוך של המשטרה
Superintendent Yogev Atias in briefing
(Photo: Roee Idan)
It's a campaign against a growing phenomenon that police call bullying on the roads. A number of bully drivers were identified and police went to their homes to carry out arrests. Nine drivers were arrested in the settlement of Lakiyya in the Negev who are suspected of road bullying while driving in convoys. The police say that the campaign against bully drivers will continue and increase.
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