Thai couple abducted on October 7 get married in Thailand

Nutthawaree Munkan and Boonthom Pankhong exchange vows in a private wedding ceremony in their home country and say they wish to return to Israel, but not near the Gaza border; 'Hard to understand how the remaining hostages will survive'

Four months after they were released from Hamas captivity, Nutthawaree Munkan and Boonthom Pankhong - two Thai nationals who worked in agriculture near the Gaza border - got married in a private ceremony in Thailand.
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Boonthom Pankhong and Nutthawaree Munkan
Nutthawaree and Boonthom worked in agriculture in Moshav Yesha in southern Israel – where their love blossomed. They were abducted separately to Gaza but returned to their native country together after 50 days in captivity as part of a group of over 20 Thai nationals released by Hamas. After recovering, they both returned to Thailand and settled in the Khon Kaen province in the country’s northeast.
A few days ago, the two young Thai workers got married. Speaking from Thailand, Nutthawaree told Ynet: "It was a small ceremony with only our parents and close relatives. It didn't suit us to hold a big wedding ceremony." She explained she and her husband knew they were going to get married even before they were captured, "and we had already saved money for a future together."
She added that they intend to return to work in Israel. "We decided together that we would do this in order to have the means to send our children to good schools and save money for when they grow up. I watched the news from Israel and saw missiles fell in the north, but it didn’t change our decision. However, we won’t return somewhere close to the Gaza border. We’ll look for a safer place."
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The couple with their friends after being released from captivity
The couple are worried about the Israeli hostages in Gaza. "I can honestly say that we’re very worried about the captives, both Thais and Israelis," said Nutthawaree, who was the only woman among the Thai nationals who was taken captive. "We really wish for their return soon."
Nutthawaree recounted the time in captivity. "It was like dying. I still think about the bad things that happened to me in captivity every day. It was a miracle that I left Gaza. The current situation is cruel, and simply terrible," she said. "For both of us, captivity was like the end of our lives, and we have been free for a long time. I find it hard to understand how the remaining hostages will survive. I can't stop thinking about them."
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