Catch of the day: Tampa's mayor went fishing, and reeled in cocaine worth $1 million

The mayor of Tampa, Florida went fishing with her family and noticed a suspicious package floating in the water. Jane Castor, who served in the police force for three decades, found more than 30 kg of cocaine in the package

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The mayor of Tampa, Florida went fishing with her family in the Atlantic Ocean, and found a package with 31 kg of cocaine floating in the water. According to reports in the US, the estimated value of drugs is $1.1 million.
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Democratic Mayor Jane Castor, 62, went sailing with family members on a fishing boat in the Florida Keys, off the coast of the city of Marathon, on July 23. During the cruise, Castor's brother noticed a package the size of a microwave oven floating in the water, wrapped in a black bag.
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ארה"ב ראש עיר ב פלורידה מצאה חבילה של קוקאין
ארה"ב ראש עיר ב פלורידה מצאה חבילה של קוקאין
The mayor of Tampa, Florida found a bag filled with 25 packages of cocaine in the ocean off the Florida Keys
Castor began examining the package, and it left her with no doubt that it contained cocaine.
She should know. The mayor served for 31 years in the Tampa Police Department, and was the first female police chief in the city. Castor held the position for six years, until she retired in 2015. Four years later she was elected mayor.
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ג'יין קסטור
ג'יין קסטור
Tampa mayor Jane Castor was the city's first female police chief
(Photo: AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)
Castor's family put the package on the fishing boat, and the mayor contacted the county police and indicated the exact location where the package was found floating in the Atlantic Ocean.
Police later informed the public about the drug package found in the water, and thanked an anonymous boater who reported the package to them and handed it over to the police. The police released a photo of the contents of the package - 25 small packages containing cocaine, with an image of a butterfly printed on each of them.
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