'Being a Jew is not a provocation' Man blocked by UK cop

A video capturing a British officer blocking Jewish Gideon Falter from walking near an anti-Israel protest as he returned from synagogue, citing his 'openly Jewish' appearance as a potential trigger for antagonism, elicited an apology from the police and condemnation from the Home Secretary

An incident involving the London police and a Jewish man wearing a kippah led to a public apology from the force. A video released by the "Campaign Against Antisemitism" captured the moment when Gideon Falter, the CEO of the organization, was prevented by an officer from crossing a street near a pro-Palestinian demonstration. The officer, with his face blurred in the video, explained to Falter that he appears "openly Jewish" and expressed concern about the potential reaction from the crowd at the demonstration, noting that Falter's presence could provoke antagonism.
The officer telling Falter to move away
Falter, who was returning from synagogue and not intending to join any protest, expressed his frustration, stating that despite assurances that London remains a safe place for Jews during such protests, his experience suggested otherwise. He argued that the police seem to believe that being openly Jewish stirs antagonism that could incite protesters against Israel, implying that Jews require protection that the police cannot guarantee. He criticized the police's approach, suggesting it effectively creates no-go zones for Jews in areas of the city where protests occur. In response to the incident, Falter plans to march in London next Saturday, coinciding with another large pro-Palestinian demonstration.
The London police issued an apology following the backlash, acknowledging the potential harm caused by their reference to being "openly Jewish" and reiterated that being Jewish should not be seen as a provocation. The UK Secretary of State for the Home Department, James Cleverly, also responded, sending a letter to the police emphasizing that no individual, regardless of race or religion, should ever be viewed as a provocation. His office highlighted the complexities faced by the police in managing dynamic protests but affirmed the principle that everyone has the right to feel safe and live freely.
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בריטניה הפגנה פרו פלסטינית שוטר מונע מ יהודי לחצות כביש כי הוא יהודי בגלוי עם כיפה
בריטניה הפגנה פרו פלסטינית שוטר מונע מ יהודי לחצות כביש כי הוא יהודי בגלוי עם כיפה
Falter speaking with the officer
This incident comes amid ongoing demonstrations in London since October, where thousands of pro-Palestinian activists have been demanding a ceasefire in Gaza and urging the British government to withdraw its support for Israel. These protests have occasionally featured expressions of support for Hamas and displayed symbols related to the October 7 terror attack, leading to significant criticism. The previous year, the then Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, had accused the London police of being overly lenient toward left-wing demonstrators.
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