Sole Jewish member of Arab party compares Israeli occupation to Kristallnacht

Hadash–Ta'al party member Ofer Cassif says settler attacks against Palestinians are similar to what happened to Jews during Nazi pogroms, since they are 'backed by Israeli government and occupation forces'

Attila Somfalvi, Moran Azulay|
The sole Jewish member of an Arab political party said Wednesday that the Israeli occupation is similar to the Kristallnacht pogroms in Germany.
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  • Kristallnacht, or the Night of Broken Glass, were pogroms aimed against Jews and carried out by the Nazi Party in 1938.
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    מטה חד"ש-תע"ל
    מטה חד"ש-תע"ל
    Ofer Cassif
    (Photo: Elad Gershgoren)
    "What characterized Kristallnacht are two things - besides the arrests and destruction - the pogroms were executed by racists and were not spontaneous at all, despite the claims of the German government, and the same is happening all over the occupied territories by settler militant gangs on a day to day," Hadash–Ta'al party lawmaker Ofer Cassif said.
    "It is seemingly spontaneous that Palestinians are being harmed and their property is being damaged, but it is done in cooperation with the Israeli occupation forces."
    Cassif said Israelis must "look in the mirror" to recognize "what monsters we have become" before the situation gets worse.
    "The monsters in this case are settler militias, the Israeli government that approves it, and the occupation forces that allow it. They are all monsters and we have to put a mirror in front of them."
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    הנזקים שנגרמו כתוצאה מהשחתת המתנחלים
    הנזקים שנגרמו כתוצאה מהשחתת המתנחלים
    Settlers clash with Israeli soldiers
    Ofer Cassif also spoke about the coalition's attempts to pass laws to override Supreme Court decisions, calling it "an attempt to castrate the justice system."
    "What they call an overriding law is actually a laundered word for a deep state conspiracy theory," Cassif added.
    "What Benjamin Netanyahu and officials around him claim is that the deep state controls Israel, which is total nonsense. I also have criticism toward the judicial system, but what they want to do is to eliminate it, and be the only authority that calls the shots - which is called totalitarianism."
    When told that Netanyahu does not intends at this time to add the issue to the coalition agreements, Cassif replied: "I don't believe any word that comes from his mouth, the man is a pathological liar. Just because he's playing the role of an adult in front of the public, doesn't mean he is such."
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