Burning object hurled at Vancouver synagogue's front door

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau condemns incident, saying 'We cannot let this hate or these acts of violence stand. This is not the Canada we want to be'; Jewish Federation of Vancouver describes incident as 'deliberate act of hate'

The Jewish Federation of Vancouver in Canada reported that a burning object was thrown at the entrance doors of a synagogue in the city on Sunday.
Vancouver police stated that the incident is being investigated as arson and a possible hate crime.
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הנזק שנגרם בכניסה לבית הכנסת בוונקובר
הנזק שנגרם בכניסה לבית הכנסת בוונקובר
The damage caused to the synagogue
According to the Federation's statement, the incident occurred at the Shaarey Tzedek Synagogue last Thursday at 9:30 p.m. They noted that the damage was minor and, fortunately, no one was hurt. The Federation described the incident as a "deliberate act of hate" and an "attempt to intimidate the Jewish community."
Rabbi Andrew Rosenblatt mentioned that people inside the synagogue at the time heard "a noise outside."
In Canada, reports indicated that a passerby alerted the congregants that their building was on fire. "One of the worshippers extinguished the flames with his jacket," Rabbi Rosenblatt said on Friday morning.
"A synagogue in Vancouver was attacked last night in another disgusting act of antisemitism," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wrote on X. "We cannot let this hate or these acts of violence stand. This is not the Canada we want to be."
The Federation stated that Vancouver police and firefighters inspected the building and declared it safe to reopen.
In recent days, Canada has seen two other serious incidents targeting Jews, with no injuries reported. Shots were fired at two Jewish schools in Montreal and Toronto.
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