Jewish Agency names Major General (Res.) Doron Almog as new chairman

Almog, recipient of Israel prize for his work for disabled Israelis, elected by majority of votes to head Jewish organization; says he considers the relation of Israel with world Jewry as vitally important
Itamar Eichner|
The Jewish Agency announced on Thursday that it has selected retired IDF general Doron Almog to act as its next chairman.
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  • The agency’s decision must be approved by its board of directors, which will convene on July 10 in Jerusalem.
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    דורון אלמוג
    דורון אלמוג
    Doron Almog
    (Photo: Sahar Goldstein)
    "I am proud and excited, Almog said of the decision."
    Almog, 71, was Major General and headed the IDF Southern Command in his last military role.
    As the father of Eran, a disabled child who died in 2006, Almog dedicated his life to improve treatment for Israelis suffering from mental and physical disabilities and founded the Adi Negev -Eran rehabilitation village, a world class center that includes on campus housing and therapies and facilities of the highest level.
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    Adi Negev
    Adi Negev
    Adi Negev rehabilitation village
    (Photo: Adi Negev website)
    He praised the work of the Jewish Agency and said he regarded the relations of Israel with the Jewish world as of the utmost importance.
    Almog’s appointment brings to an end a year long saga surrounding the election of a new chairman. The last to hold the position was now President Issac Herzog who today praised the Jewish Agency for their choice.
    “This is a very important position in the Jewish world, which works to connect the State of Israel to Jewish communities around the world. It has great impact on Israeli society, and on processes of immigration and absorption of Jews into Israel," Herzog said."I am certain that Almog’s abilities, experience and skillset will lead this important organization forward.”
    Prime Minister Naftali Bennet congratulated Almog and said he is pleased.
    “Doron Almog represents everything beautiful in Israel, Bennett said. "Doron expresses military and civil courage, a deep love of the Israeli people, state and humankind," he said.
    "I wish Doron great success in connecting the Jewish peoples with the State of Israel, as well as maintaining Israel’s good reputation around the world.”
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    Doron Almog receives the Israel prize from Naftali Bennett
    Doron Almog receives the Israel prize from Naftali Bennett
    Doron Almog receives the Israel prize from Naftali Bennett
    (Photo: Ehud Zoigenburg)
    Doron and his wife Deedee have long worked on raising public awareness to the challenges and difficulties mentally deficient people deal with, while leading an uncompromising battle to their full inclusion into society and the toppling of the walls of prejudice and stereotypes connected with them," the Adi foundation which Almog established said in a statement.
    Chairman of the World Zionist Organization, Yaakov Hagoel, who headed the appointment committee, said he was confident Almog will lead the Jewish Agency with the same determination and dedication of his predecessors.
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