It takes two to tango: the world's glaring anti-Israel bias

Opinion: The world's attention and demands as it pertains to the conflict are often directed at Israel and the Jewish people, which raises important questions about the motivations behind these actions and the underlying biases and prejudices that may be fueling them

Duvi Honig|
The topic of the global Jewish population is often overlooked or misunderstood. While many people may think that there are hundreds of millions of Jews scattered across the globe, the actual number of Jews around the world is minuscule compared to other Abrahamic religions.
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The reality is that the world has a significant Muslim population, with 1.8 billion Muslims making up more than 25% of the global population. In contrast, the Jewish population constitutes a mere 0.2%.
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הפגנה להחזרת החטופים בוושינגטון, ארה"ב
הפגנה להחזרת החטופים בוושינגטון, ארה"ב
Pro-Israeli protest
(Photo: Stefani Reynolds / AFP)
Despite this vast difference in population size, the world's attention and demands are often directed at Israel and the Jewish people. This raises important questions about the motivations behind these actions and the underlying biases and prejudices that may be fueling them.
The United States and the West have been gifting billions annually to officially help the Palestinians for over 70 years now, while the Palestinians go to the streets and chant "Death to America," pledging to the destruction of the West, burning American flags in the streets, and not only not saying "thank you," but using our taxpayer dollars to build terror tunnels and sleeper cells around the globe to attack the West.
They burn our flags, attack our ships, bomb our military bases in the Middle East, take U.S. citizens hostage, rape and murder our citizens.
Are we dumb or stupid? Seriously, do we need a wake-up call when it’s so obviously happening in front of our noses?
American taxpayer dollars are being used against American citizens, paying our enemies to build infrastructure to attack and endanger our lives. Wake up America!

Fact check

Did you know that the State of Israel only covers a relatively small area? It is approximately the size of New Jersey, and within this land, the Jewish people have made substantial sacrifices in the pursuit of peace and security, but sadly peace was not what Hamas or the Palestinian people's true intentions were.
For example, in the early 2000s, Israel was deceived by the West when it was pressured to give away a significant piece of land in the Gaza Strip in the hopes of achieving peace.
However, instead of fostering peace promised by the West, this led to the UN double crossing Israel and helping Hamas build an army and tunnels within its infrastructure, in addition to using American taxpayer dollars to educate Palestinian children to strive and grow up to be martyrs and view Israel and the West as their enemy, which ultimately resulted in the largest massacre on the Jewish nation since the Holocaust.

The proof is in the pudding

If the Muslim world truly did care about the Palestinian people as they claim, they can afford to fund them, feed them, shelter them, give them land and build them economic empires. Why do America and the West have to be the ones to give the Palestinians billions of dollars annually while 25% of the world, which is 1.8 billion Muslims (as opposed to the Jews who are 0.2 of the world's population with zero lands), neglect to fund those they claim to care so much about.
Their concern is not about love for the Palestinian people but solely driven out of their hate of the Jewish people which motivates them.
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הפגנה נגד ישראל בלונדון
הפגנה נגד ישראל בלונדון
Pro-Palestinian protest in London
(Photo: EPA)
Israel's experience of ceding land for peace, only to be met with unfulfilled promises and UN resolutions that failed to offer protection, underscores that its concessions have often been a one-way street.
After October 7 it became clear that the demands placed on Israel are not realistic, and it is unlikely that any other country would agree to such conditions, especially after experiencing double-crossing from the West and the UN.
The Holocaust, in which six million Jews were systematically murdered, stands as a stark reminder of the impact of antisemitism and the tragedies hate can make man do. Despite this history, the Jewish people continue to face hostility, particularly in the form of ongoing attacks and threats against Israel and Jews around the world.
The vilification of Israel and the Jewish people is a reflection of deep-seated biases and prejudices, and it is essential to address these underlying issues and accept it’s not peace that the world is looking for, but the extinction of the Jewish nation is their true agenda.
It is time for the world to stop blinding itself and address the issue of antisemitism and take a stand against discrimination and hostility toward the Jewish people.
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