Australia: Shocking details emerge of assault by pro-Palestinian activists

Laura Allam, Mohammad Sharab abducted a Melbourne man, stomped on his head, hit him with a hammer because he worked for a Jew, says Australian Jewish Association

Two pro-Palestinian activists in Australia were charged on Tuesday with kidnapping and assaulting a victim for the perceived crime of being employed by a Jew.
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Following the partial lifting of a suppression order, Australian media reported that Laura Allam, 28 and Mohammad Sharab, 37, are accused of abducting an unnamed 31-year-old male, hitting him with a hammer and stomping on his head.
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Pro Palestinian rally in Yemen on Friday
Pro Palestinian rally in Yemen on Friday
Pro-Palestinian rally
(Photo: Mohammed Huwais / AFP)
The victim was hospitalized for injuries sustained in the “horrific kidnapping and torture,” a police statement said.
While police haven't yet lifted the gag on the motive behind the attack, the Australian Jewish Association said the motive was antisemitic.
“Well-known anti-Israel activist has been arrested on allegations of arranging kidnap and torture of a man because he worked for a Jew!"
Australia had seen a 700 percent increase in antisemitic incidents in the aftermath of the October 7 atrocities by Hamas.
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