Israel's Generation Z is more than meets the eye

Opinion: While Gen Z social media antics might raise suspicions about Israel's upcoming generation, a closer look reveals children raised to believe in democracy, freedom, friendship and peace; there's more reason for hope than ever before

Oren Bar-Ner|
These are images of my nephew’s graduation last night from his extraordinary high school, Yachad (Together), Modi’in. They are singing the iconic Israeli song by Idan Amedi, “It’s Over”, that he wrote while serving as a combat soldier in the IDF about Israeli society during Operation Cast Lead. They finish by singing the national anthem, Hatkiva (The Hope). There wasn’t a dry eye among the audience or the graduates.
I’m guessing this is a bit different than you might see at high schools across the world outside of Israel. I can tell you what I see.
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עמותת ברטלי - נוער בתנועה
עמותת ברטלי - נוער בתנועה
Israel's youth is up and running
(Photo: Tomer Feder)
I see a group of 18-year-olds who love their country, educated on values like democracy, freedom, friendship, peace, mutual respect and responsibility, and life above all. While others around the globe may say the same, here it is much more meaningful. Like my father, myself, and my son, my nephew was faced with an existential threat from the moment he was born, giving him and us a deep appreciation of these Israeli, Jewish and Western values and the sense that they must be guarded at all cost.
I see kids who will soon be drafted to protect us from the hordes of enemies who wish only our annihilation. They are up to the task and go willingly because they know they will be fighting for our survival. This simultaneously fills me with trepidation and pride. May they all return safely and swiftly. Three school alumni have been k1lled since the war began, one of whom graduated 4 years ago with my son, and one who graduated two years ago with my niece, may they be of blessed memory.
I see young adults with their lives in front of them. They will be the doctors, engineers, scientists, social workers, historians, and teachers who will continue to propel Israel forward. They will also be our politicians, which makes me optimistic for better governance.
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Idan Amedi in the armored personnel vehicle
Idan Amedi in the armored personnel vehicle
Idan Amedi in the armored personnel vehicle
(Photo: Screenshot from Instagram)
Most of all, I see our future, and because of them, I see a dazzling future despite the darkness we have been so brutally thrown into.
I don’t however, despite having endured COVID-19, Zoom education, and now, the war, see the afflictions that have beset Generation Z across the globe.
I look at these exceptional youth. I look into their eyes, and I feel secure in our nation and our people’s future, and honestly, in the future of humanity.
I don’t see Generation Z, but Generation Hope.
I wish them all the success in the world and godspeed.
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