Gaza terrorist operated on in Israeli hospital

It is the second Gaza terrorist to be taken to an Israeli hospital in recent days; Hospital officials are not happy: 'Soldiers were killed, and we need to treat the terrorist?'

A Hamas terrorist was rushed to a hospital in the center of Israel Wednesday evening after being injured in the Gaza Strip. The terrorist underwent surgery and remains hospitalized in Israel.
Hospital officials say that the treatment of the terrorist was ordered by the Health Ministry. The terrorist is expected to be transferred to a military facility for further treatment. Meanwhile, another terrorist from Gaza was treated at a second Israeli hospital on Saturday.
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A hospital official criticized the decision to bring the terrorist there for treatment: "On the day 10 of our soldiers were killed, do we have to treat a Hamas terrorist?"
In the first days of the war, there was a public uproar following the hospitalization of terrorists from Gaza in Israel, after Ynet first reported that at least three Hamas terrorists were treated in Israeli hospitals alongside Israelis wounded from the war and recovering in the same wards. Senior officials at the hospitals said that they had no choice but to take them in, and urged the health minister to take wounded terrorists in the future to a closed military facility.

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אמבולנס צבאי
אמבולנס צבאי
Israeli military ambulance
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At the start of the war, dozens of members of the far-right La Familia organization tried to break into the ward at Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer where a terrorist was hospitalized - even though he had already been transferred out. They were stopped by hospital security guards and the police; three were arrested.
Former Health Minister Moshe Arbel demanded that the IDF solve the issue and subsequently a dedicated medical facility was established to treat the terrorists and most of them were treated only there; but now it turns out that a rotation procedure between the hospitals is still operating in a partial format, to the dismay of some of the hospital managers.
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