'Entering Palestine' and filming residents in Israel: The provocative blogger documenting at the Lebanon border

With a TikTok page holding 1.1 million followers, Abed Saadeh posts a series of videos aimed at portraying, in a provocative manner, an approach towards the border with Israel; IDF says his provocations post no danger to civilians

Daniel Salami, Hadar Adi|

Abed Saadeh near the old Israel-Lebanon border

Lebanese travel blogger, Abed Saadeh who has over one million followers on TikTok uploaded videos in which he seems to be venturing into restricted areas and even breaching the Lebanon border with Israel.
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הבלוגר הלבנוני שעשושה פרובוקציות בגבול עם ישראל
הבלוגר הלבנוני שעשושה פרובוקציות בגבול עם ישראל
Abed Saadeh
In one of the videos that garnered significant attention, Saadeh is seen extending his arm through a fence and saying, "My hand is now in Palestine." However, in practical terms, the Lebanese blogger was standing near the old border fence, which is situated at a distance from the borderline established with the withdrawal of the IDF from the security zone in southern Lebanon in the year 2000. He also claimed that the fence was electrified, but it was not.
In another video, the blogger filmed himself entering the Al-Zani River (known as the Hasbani River on the Israeli side) near the village of Rajar. He stood at its center and explained, "Right here is where 'the Blue Line' passes." According to Saada, "The border actually runs in the middle of the river, and people are forbidden to cross it." Immediately afterward, he seems to cross the river.
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הבלוגר הלבנוני שעשושה פרובוקציות בגבול עם ישראל
הבלוגר הלבנוני שעשושה פרובוקציות בגבול עם ישראל
Lebanese blogger Abed Saadeh
In a subsequent segment of the video, Saadeh is seen climbing up to the bank on the other side, standing with a Lebanese flag, and saying, "I am now standing on the occupied land of Palestine," despite the fact that the Israeli territory is to the south of the area where he was filming.
The blogger's clear objective is to garner as many views, comments, and shares as possible by creating provocative content involving his proximity to the Israeli border.
The IDF said Saadeh posed no threat. "The river is located beyond the border with Israel, and the Blue Line runs through it. Crossing it is a provocation that does not pose a threat or harm to the security of the residents in the area. IDF soldiers and observation equipment closely monitor events occurring in the border area and are prepared for any scenario."
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